RE: Wicket and jQuery UI

2012-10-08 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Dear all, Wiquery offers a wide range of Behaviors in order to make components Draggable. There are a few Components which demand a certain type of tag to be used. We have experienced that the more flexible you make your API the more dumb questions people ask and the less they use it.

RE: DatePicker is not appear properly

2012-09-18 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Ernesto, Per WiQuery 6.0.0 IWiQueryPlugin is deprecated. Users have to add the resources to the component themselves. From: Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro [] Sent: 18 September 2012 08:47 To: Subject: Re: DatePicker

WiQuery 6.0.0 has been released!

2012-09-06 Thread Hielke Hoeve
of removing it completely. For example: all Behaviors in WiQuery will check if the statement() function is still used and if so use the new approach to render. Our artifacts can be found at maven central. See listing here: Happy querying! Hielke

RE: wicket-dnd strange situation

2012-08-13 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hi Decebal, Sorry for the late response but I was on holiday. The 2 code snippets below do exactly the same. They look different but they both perform new wicketdnd.DropTarget(...) when the dom is loaded and ready. Can you provide a better/bigger example? I checked your other posts and saw a

RE: Status of wicketstuff jquery integration

2012-05-14 Thread Hielke Hoeve
just over 2MB new quickstart. (Probably worth it). Cheers, Jesse On 09/05/2012 10:38, Hielke Hoeve wrote: Hi Jesse, Your 10mb of WiQuery puzzles me. The wiquery-core jar is 256 KB and the wiquery-jquery-ui jar is 857KB. I wonder which jars you include in your war. If you do not use jQuery UI

RE: wicket 6.0

2012-05-09 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hi Tom, We now have a working WiQuery 6. I will release a new snapshot tonight, but you can clone it from github already. Hielke -Original Message- From: Tom Eugelink [] Sent: vrijdag 13 april 2012 14:44 To: Subject: Re: wicket 6.0 On

RE: Status of wicketstuff jquery integration

2012-05-09 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hi Jesse, Your 10mb of WiQuery puzzles me. The wiquery-core jar is 256 KB and the wiquery-jquery-ui jar is 857KB. I wonder which jars you include in your war. If you do not use jQuery UI then there is no need for wiquery-jquery-ui. Hielke -Original Message- From: Jesse Long

RE: Wicket authentication: how to store user?

2012-03-12 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Dan, JSESSIONIDs are not inherently secure. Users can be so dumb as to copy/paste an url with an JSESSIONID as query parameter and send it to someone else via email/msn/etc. When that other person clicks the url, while the first person is logged in, he is logged in as well. Webapplications

RE: wiQuery and ivy

2012-03-06 Thread Hielke Hoeve
If you can specify what I need to add in the pom.xml of WiQuery then I am happy to add it, however this Ivy is unknown to me so I have no idea what to do. Sources themselves are not a viable dependency for any java project using using dependency management or not, they are merely fetched so

RE: wiquery css

2012-03-02 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Strange that the system cannot find it while it can in production. Are you sure the package is present on production, you did not forget a library? Hielke -Original Message- From: N. Metzger [] Sent: vrijdag 2 maart 2012 3:03 To: Subject:

RE: WiQuery 1.5.4 and Wicket 1.5.4 Problem

2012-02-23 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hi, Sounds like you updated wiquery-core but not wiquery-jquery-ui. If you open IWiQueryInitializer in eclipse and open a type hierarchy you can see if WiQueryUIInitializer is a subclass or not. If not then you probably have a version difference somewhere. Hielke -Original Message-

RE: wiquery css

2012-02-22 Thread Hielke Hoeve
To roll your own theme use and when done choose download. You can then use the contents of the zipfile to create your own resourcereference to use in IThemableApplication. Hielke -Original Message- From: Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro [] Sent:

RE: Wicket in a Dot Net World

2012-02-10 Thread Hielke Hoeve
I have spend about 100 hours in creating a Wicket 1.3 port. Because half of Wicket consists of anonymous classes it is near impossible. I had to add about 1000 new subclasses to get the core to work. When it compiled and actually wanted to start and bind to a port I was unable to get the pages

RE: Wiquery and JQWicket crash each other!!!!

2012-02-01 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Better late than never: To respond to your question again: why would you want to use both? They seem to do the same thing... Hielke -Original Message- From: atomix [] Sent: donderdag 26 januari 2012 21:14 To: Subject: Re:

RE: jQuery Mobile styling disappears after Wicket ajax update

2012-01-26 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Correct. You need to use modifiers or appenders on your components if you manually apply the style or call any jquery functions to make sure that jquery reapplies the styles. The html gets replaced and with that any jquery additions generated on the client. You can use the

RE: WiQuery disabling tabs

2012-01-17 Thread Hielke Hoeve
. If you want to disable any tab after first render you should use an ajax call and call Tabs#disable(AjaxRequestTarget, int). If there is a bug in WiQuery then please report it here: Hielke Hoeve -Original Message- From: Marco Springer

RE: Wicket on Google App Engine

2012-01-06 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hey Daniel, Glad to hear you got it working as well. I have some apps on google app engine as well. Tried all the tutorials and 'useful' maven plugins but all just didn't do the trick for me. I now use maven's resources plugin to copy the resources from the maven repository to the war/lib

RE: Problem with wicket 1.5.3 and wiquery 1.5.3

2011-12-20 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hi Dennis, Unfortunately this is the (only) way how WiQuery can work. If you provide some code we can help you fix this, otherwise we'll have to try and read minds which is bound to fail :) Hielke -Original Message- From: dennisB [] Sent: dinsdag 20

RE: Problem with wicket 1.5.3 and wiquery 1.5.3

2011-12-20 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Thats something that i would like to know once you stumble upon it. Adding dummy behaviors to fix things should not be necessary. I will try and fix the problem. Hielke -Original Message- From: Chris Hawkins [] Sent: dinsdag 20 december 2011 19:12 To:

RE: Problem with wicket 1.5.3 and wiquery 1.5.3

2011-12-20 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Found it :) A silly bug... I squashed it and committed a fix and released a new snapshot version. Can you guys verify it is working now? wiquery-core 1.5-SNAPSHOT Hielke -Original Message- From: Hielke Hoeve [] Sent: woensdag 21 december 2011 8:06

RE: Wicket 1.5.2, stalls on one tomcat

2011-11-18 Thread Hielke Hoeve
We have this problem with an application connecting to MS SQL Server. It seems that the applications stalls upon connecting to the database. This issue has been reported: We had to revert to jdk 1.6_u25 to make it work. Java 7 works as

RE: Apache Wicket is a Flawed Framework

2011-11-18 Thread Hielke Hoeve
If you come here and try to start a flame about how bad Wicket is while you obviously have no clue how it works then atleast have the decency to write a propert post instead of a lame list of cons (and no pros) and a oneliner saying Spring MVC is the only other option... Hielke -Original

WiQuery 1.5 release

2011-09-22 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hi everyone! We have been working on improving WiQuery to use more and more (new) features of Wicket 1.5. Now that Wicket 1.5 has its first release it is time for us to do the same. Last few weeks we released RCs and have pinpointed some bugs and flaws. Now that nearly all of them have been

RE: how to get HttpServletRequest in wicket 1.5

2011-09-14 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Why was the return type of getContainerRequest() altered to Object? Everyone is now casting the result to HttpServletRequest anyway. So changing the api kind of defeats the purpose :) Hielke -Original Message- From: Martin Grigorov [] Sent: donderdag 8

RE: how to get HttpServletRequest in wicket 1.5

2011-09-14 Thread Hielke Hoeve
org.apache.wicket.request.Response.getContainerResponse() javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.servlet.ServletWebResponse.getContainerResponse() JDK1.5+ covariant return type On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 10:24 AM, Hielke Hoeve wrote: Why was the return type

RE: Username gets cached

2011-08-09 Thread Hielke Hoeve
This is probably a browser 'feature' where certain form field get cached client-side. Very annoying especially since they can show unexpected behavior... autocomplete=off is optional so not all browsers use it. Hielke -Original Message- From: Anna Simbirtsev

RE: Ten things every Wicket programmer must know?

2011-07-28 Thread Hielke Hoeve
* How models work and best practices for wicket/hibernate * how ajax behaviors should be used * how are resources defined and used * how to make a multilingual site using resource models etc Hielke -Original Message- From: Jeremy Thomerson [] Sent:

RE: using saml2 for authentication

2011-07-25 Thread Hielke Hoeve
We have to use SAML2 in wicket as well, but there are absolutely no libraries for java available. Let alone proper documentation... It seems this is a wheel to be invented... Hielke -Original Message- From: fachhoch [] Sent: woensdag 20 juli 2011 16:33 To:

RE: using saml2 for authentication

2011-07-25 Thread Hielke Hoeve
I find the documentation appalling. I have searched for 2 days for proper libraries and all I could find was either half a library, outdated libraries, old libraries, libraries with fuzzy documentation or a full blown server installation ( I might be spoiled as openid4java

RE: GMap2 in a Wiquery Dialog

2011-06-27 Thread Hielke Hoeve
This looks like a styling issue as the google layer (controls and buttons) does fill the window. Have you tried inspecting the html elements (chrome and firefox+firebug are easiest to use) to see if maybe one of the html elements in the window have wrong css classes assigned? Hielke

RE: Major session problem [GAE]

2011-06-09 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Using static non-final fields in a multi user environment is very very very very bad. The only cases you should use static are for example a logger (log4j etc) a global variable defining a number or string. If you do need to keep track of something using final then wrap this using the ThreadLocal

RE: database

2011-06-08 Thread Hielke Hoeve First hit: Hielke -Original Message- From: Miroslav F. [] Sent: dinsdag 7 juni 2011 11:42 To: Subject: RE: database

RE: post request with wicket

2011-05-17 Thread Hielke Hoeve
You need to make an xml envelope, fill that with the right url to call add arguments for the function, calling something like an ajax url that returns json data is way quicker. Hielke -Original Message- From: [] Sent: maandag 16 mei 2011

RE: post request with wicket

2011-05-16 Thread Hielke Hoeve
What is it exactly what you want to achieve? What is the use case? Why would you want the browser to do a soap call? That is quite expensive as you will need the browser to build a soap xml message and send it and parse the soap response message. Hielke -Original Message- From:

RE: warn on exit from browser

2011-05-13 Thread Hielke Hoeve
You could use an ajax callback to wicket in the onbeforeunload and do something serverside but showing a modalwindow is probably impossible as the onbeforeunload will continue after the ajax call is done... Hielke -Original Message- From: Andrea Del Bene []

RE: Getting Parameters from URL

2011-05-13 Thread Hielke Hoeve
This is because a session is created only once for each user, until it expires ofcourse... If you wish to check url parameters for each request I would suggest you do this in RequestCycle.onBeginRequest(). There is also RequestCylce.onEndRequest() if you need to do anything at the end of the cycle

RE: building dynamic charts in wicket

2011-05-10 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hey Daku, Emond and I have been working on 2 little projects to render charts. Each use a different jQuery plugin to draw the graphs client side and both use WiQuery to facilitate the server side part. Maybe those projects can help you in choosing the desired product. Both come with examples,

RE: Serve Json in request and response

2011-05-04 Thread Hielke Hoeve
And another: (This library is also used in WiQuery) Hielke -Original Message- From: jcgarciam [] Sent: dinsdag 3 mei 2011 13:48 To: Subject: Re: Serve Json in request and response Just adding another json

RE: eclipse,jetty,wicket

2011-04-19 Thread Hielke Hoeve
You can also use the from the quickstart as example how to start in eclipse without maven. Hielke -Original Message- From: fachhoch [] Sent: vrijdag 15 april 2011 18:51 To: Subject: eclipse,jetty,wicket I am running my wicket

RE: Wiquery experiences

2011-04-07 Thread Hielke Hoeve
WiQuery *has* matured a lot. We are working hard in our late hours to implement and test interfaces to all facets of jQuery and are getting ready for Wicket 1.5. Bruno is right that for some purposes it is easy using only jQuery, simply add the jQuery js files you want and write a script tag

RE: Wiquery experiences

2011-04-07 Thread Hielke Hoeve
don't have enough time to do a proper investigation on how to use it... Regards 2011/4/7 Hielke Hoeve WiQuery *has* matured a lot. We are working hard in our late hours to implement and test interfaces to all facets of jQuery and are getting ready for Wicket 1.5

RE: Wiquery experiences

2011-04-07 Thread Hielke Hoeve
-Original Message- From: msj121 [] Sent: donderdag 7 april 2011 2:13 To: Subject: Re: Wiquery experiences I both agree and disagree with the aforementioned comments. I don't think anyone would disagree that writing JavaScript from wicket

new WiQuery version: 1.1.3 and 1.2!

2011-01-22 Thread Hielke Hoeve
As more and more people use WiQuery everyday and more and more people use the 1.2 version the time has come to release a maintanance release of 1.1 series and release the first version of 1.2. WiQuery 1.2 has been given a new resource management where all javascripts are automatically compressed

Re: jWicket WiQuery

2011-01-22 Thread Hielke Hoeve
What is there to miss? You have the library and the examples. Is there any specific example you need? Hielke On 22 Jan 2011 21:13, flavius wrote:

Re: Modal widow slow?

2011-01-12 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Putting a lot of controls (select and input etc) on one page will make any browser slow. Internet explorer is the worst though. You could try and use jquery to replace the viewing component with an editor onclick. This does mean your models won't be updated upon submit. Hielke On 12 Jan 2011

Re: Graph Drawing

2011-01-02 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hey Rory, Did you ask these questions on the flot forums/mailinglist? I think they probably have more experience with Flot. Hielke On 2 January 2011 17:36, Hello Flot Users I am new to Flot. I have spent hours on google and with the api and

Re: target.addComponent(Field) in Ajax erases that Field's values

2010-12-21 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Did the field2 have an initial value or did you set the value in your browser and then let the ajax run? Hielke On 21 Dec 2010 20:51, eugenebalt wrote: I have a piece of Ajax code, attached to some field (let's call it sourceField), which looks like this:

Re: Wicket 1.5-M3 migration experiences

2010-12-17 Thread Hielke Hoeve
So basically you need org.apache.wicket.request.resource.PackageResource.getResourceStream() to become protected, right ? This way you can wrap super.getResourceStream() with compressing one. That would be awesome, yes. Hielke

Fwd: Wicket 1.5-M3 migration experiences

2010-12-15 Thread Hielke Hoeve
would have to create a near exact copy of PackageResource in order to achieve this. Am I missing anything here, is there anyone who knows another way to achieve the same thing as with wicket 1.4? I do not mind rewriting wiquery completely as long as it's solid and maintainable. Regards, Hielke

Re: help me please!!! Wicket/Spring/Hibernate configuration woes

2010-12-15 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Hey Adam, This is still a spring error, you need a sessionfactory and transactionfactory and link them together. The opensessioninview filter only opens a transaction if you get this right. The spring forums are filled with examples. Hielke On 15 Dec 2010 16:58, adam.gibbons

Re: Wicket resources (css, js and images)?

2010-12-15 Thread Hielke Hoeve
On 15 December 2010 21:05, Alex Objelean wrote: Though this topic is quite old, I think it is still actual. Since the 1.5 release is not far away, did anybody thought if the (at least) js resource merging should occur? We at WiQuery have been discussing multiple

Re: Page mounting

2010-12-15 Thread Hielke Hoeve
Its fairly simple. Create a class Login, give it a constructor with pageparameters. Create two panels, one for each login type. Based on the page parameters you show one or the other. Mount the page on 2 paths, each with its own parameter. Hielke On 16 Dec 2010 00:43, Jeffrey Schneller