Re: How to set Javascript error handler for Wicket Ajax error

2012-10-31 Thread Istvan Jozsa
I'm using Wicket-1.5. Figured out that an AjaxCallDecorator with failure handler almost solves my problem. What parameters are passed to failure handler of an Ajax call decorator ? (to be able to figure out type of failure) stefan

Re: Status of wicketstuff jquery integration

2012-05-02 Thread Istvan Jozsa
Try this: Allow high/low level jQuery/UI access. (sometimes low level JavaScripting is required). Tried all libraries you mentioned but JqWicket looks to be the most promising. To make my life easier I modified it, JQBehavior extends AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior

Re: ModalWindow update size

2010-11-22 Thread Istvan Jozsa
// add to your ModalWindow constructor: setWidthUnit(em); setHeightUnit(em); setResizable(false); setOutputMarkupId(true); @Override public void show(AjaxRequestTarget target) {; // ... int width = ...; int height = ...; target.appendJavascript(//

Re: setDefaultButton works in all browsers?

2010-09-22 Thread Istvan Jozsa
Had/have problems on IE7. Never worked in a form being in a modal window (panel). Stefan On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 4:54 PM, Anna Simbirtsev asimbirt...@gmail.comwrote: I am using setDefaultButton to submit the form using enter key. It seems to be working ok, but I have read on the internet

Re: Welcome Martin Grigorov as a core team member

2010-08-04 Thread Istvan Jozsa
Congrats Martin !

Re: jQuery Accordion implementation

2010-06-10 Thread Istvan Jozsa
Go ahead, Istvan On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 2:12 PM, Martin Makundi wrote: Just do it ;) 2010/6/10 Stefan Lindner I'm starting to implement jQuery's Accordion for jWicket now. Any suggestions/wishes? Stefan

Re: drag and drop

2010-06-07 Thread Istvan Jozsa
You can implement by adding DraggableBehavior *and* DroppableBehavior to each item, something like this: add(new DraggableBehavior() { { setName(someName); setRevert(DraggableBehavior.DragRevertMode.ALWAYS); setRevertDuration(0);

Re: drag and drop

2010-06-07 Thread Istvan Jozsa
My seqnums are persistently stored, when items are retrieved so the seqnum. I used models to pass and get item data: @Override public void populateItem(final ItemItemData item) { final ItemData itemData = item.getModelObject(); item.add(new MyLink(title, new

Re: Opening a new modal window when OK is clicked on currently open modal window

2010-06-03 Thread Istvan Jozsa
Yes, by opening the second window *when* the first is closed. Try something like this: abstract class Modal1 extends ModalWindow { public Modal1(id) { // ... setWindowClosedCallback(new ModalWindow.CloseButtonCallback() { @Override public void

RE: wicketstuff-jwicket, drag-and-drop, Internet Explorer 7/8

2010-02-23 Thread Istvan Jozsa
I'm interrested in using jWicket, please use this email for whatever announce, thanks once again, Stefan