Re: Spring problems

2010-03-24 Thread Martin Phee
The SpringWebApplicationFactory is the to create the WebApplicaiton. You still need to setup spring properly. context-param param-namecontextConfigLocation/param-name param-value classpath:spring-annotation.xml classpath:spring-hibernate.xml

Add JS files

2010-03-19 Thread Martin Phee
I there a way I can add a js file and make sure it's after others? I'm using wiQuery and want to add the block ui, but when I add the js file it's the first one so it's throwing an error when it tries to init since jquery core is after it. Is there something I can do with the wiQuery

Re: Replace Choose one from DropDownChoice?

2010-03-17 Thread Martin Phee
You have to add a selection choice that is just a blank line option. This is a typical requirement for any dropdown if you wan the use to be able to clear their choice. On Mar 17, 2010, at 8:47 AM, David Chang wrote: Martin, Thanks so much for chiming in. I tried the null= approach.

Re: Spring @Autowire not working

2010-03-10 Thread Martin Phee
I'm currently using jars from another application which using spring in a new Wicket application I'm writing without problems. I'm using the service classes within a Wizard using the SpringBean annotation and within the service it's using @Resource to annotate the dao classes it's using.