Re: Migrating from 1.4.21 to 6

2013-12-31 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, i would mirgate to 6 directly, if your application is relativ small and without special requesthandlings, webtrackings and last but not least javascript dependencies to other framework than wicket. e.g. for an application with round about 5.000 lines of code its easier to update. For big

Wicket and custom URL handling

2013-05-30 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, I am search for customizing the URL-Handling in wicket. There are not so many articles about that. I would like to handle all URLs starting with /east or /west with one page. Other possible URLs: - /east/services/help - /east/services/ or - /east/services/help?param=value Also there

HttpsMapper: doent work with proxy-ssl termination

2012-11-10 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi *, i noticed some errors while using the httpsmapper with ssl-termination on a proxy(nginx, bigip-F5). Wicket redirects the following sequence: results in this url was also redirected with end ?0 but not https. Redirect to

Re: Should I really go for LoadableDetachableModel ?

2012-08-19 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, yes the listDataProvider doesnt help for minimize memory usage. The DataProvider will be stored in Component and therefore all fields are also stored in component/session. For e.g. 2000 Session you have 2000 times the same list in memory. This is not what you want. First optimization:

Re: Wicket as Jboss Modules

2012-06-12 Thread Martin Sachs
Hello, i think that is in general not a good idea. If you deploy the wicket-lib outside the war and run multiple Wicket-Applications, then you could not use all applications, because wicket stores (as far as i know) e.g. the application instance in a static field. There is one application per

Re: The component(s) below failed to render (BasePage components are not rendering)

2011-01-24 Thread Martin Sachs
hi, i dont see problems in the markup. Can u please post some java-components ? Do you have called super. ... -methodes (e.g. onInitialize) martin Am 24.01.2011 20:19, schrieb Teddy C: Using the Wicket Phonebook as a base, I am having problem dispalyng the EditContactPage. To the BasePage I

Re: Unserializable exceptions on declaring springs org.springframework.dao.annotation.PersistenceExceptionTranslationPostProcessor

2011-01-04 Thread Martin Sachs
hi, are u using Interface oder Class for UserDao i think using Interface could solve this problem. martin Am 04.01.2011 18:53, schrieb Roman Ilin: Nobody uses such weird thing? On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 12:44 AM, Roman Ilin wrote: Sorry, I haven't said that I get

Re: Bigger sites running on wicket?

2010-05-20 Thread Martin Sachs
Yes is online since Feb 2010. We didnt have post an announcement, because we are in stabilizing-phase the past month. We use Wicket-1.4.5 and JQuery for effects and modal-windows. regards Martin Martijn Dashorst schrieb: Yup, is Wicket based, as

Re: Caching components

2010-03-26 Thread Martin Sachs
Jeremy Thomerson schrieb: On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 3:26 AM, Martin Sachs wrote: hi, we need caching of components, since the construction of huge hierarchies is not cheap. The rendering ist fast. We cache the rendered

Re: Caching components

2010-03-26 Thread Martin Sachs
Yes we use LoadableDetachableModel. But we also do some times getModel().getObject() deeper in hierarchy inside the construction, to e.g. set the visibility of a panel or to create just the right panel, instead of creating e.g. ten panels and implement isVisible(). Martin Jan Kriesten

Re: Caching components

2010-03-24 Thread Martin Sachs
hi, we need caching of components, since the construction of huge hierarchies is not cheap. The rendering ist fast. We cache the rendered HTML of a hole component via a beheaviour and write them on the next requests into a Label (unescaped). So instead of creating the complete hierarchie on every

Re: Ajax and OpenSessionInViewFilter problems

2010-02-19 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi , if you use LDM for a form Model.getObject will load the Objects from DB in each request. This is not a Problem, if all data are in the Form allready. Ajax-submit sends the Form incl. all field as parameters, if valid set it to this object and then you have to Store it in this request. If

Re: How to add and remove css classes the right way?

2010-02-05 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi Martin user the AttributeModifier or AttributeAppender classes. Martin Martin U schrieb: Hi Folks, I'am getting totally confused how to add and remove css classes to and form my text-input-fields on ajax-form-validation. At first i try to add two css classes step by step:

Re: Wicket Wizards and Hibernate

2010-01-14 Thread Martin Sachs
hi, if you want to store the Objects at the end of the wizzard, you have to reattach to the session with lock(NONE), else Entitymanager.merge will save each step. Alternativly you can open one transaction and merge (or saveOrUpdate) after every step. On last step you can commit the transaction.

Re: Handling Ajax session expired

2009-12-28 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, i have the same problems for our heavy ajax wicket site. I use wicket-ajax so the stateless flag can not be used. If the session expires i make some assumptions: * all user generated content is thrown away. (e.g. shopingbasket) * the pagecomponents the user is on is in initial hierarchie,

Re: Rendered html to string

2009-09-30 Thread Martin Sachs
if you want just one component in the hierarchie to be rendered to a String you have to make a Behaviour and use the StringResponse-class to replace the hole Response in beforeRender for this component. in onRendered you can add the string again to the hole Response. We do this for caching HTML

Re: 1 EAR, 2 WARs causes Spring Context Problem

2009-09-30 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, you have to user a classloader per Webapp, so the InjectorHolder has for each webapp the correct Springcontext. (injectorholder uses a static variable) martin Steve Hiller schrieb: Hi All, I'm not sure if this is a Wicket, Spring or WebSphere issue or some combination of the 3.

Re: Handling Hibernate session (LazyInitializationException)

2009-09-17 Thread Martin Sachs
hi, you could also use an Aspekt (e.g. with Aspekj) zu reinit all lazy proxies on the next request. The Proxy objects would be detachted and serialized throw the models. With an Aspekt you can re-attach ALL hibernate proxies, without triggering the DB. Martin Anton Komratov schrieb: Hi, I'm

Re: Hibernate LazyInitializationException

2009-06-25 Thread Martin Sachs
hi you used this.user = (EzdecUser)userModel.getObject(); This would hold in page and not initialized on next request. You have to hold the model in the page. We have also found an alternative way. You can write a simple Aspect with AspectJ to reinit all proxies. This can easily done with

Ideas for Handling PageExpired on BookmarkablePages

2009-06-19 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi wicketiers, Again questions about PageExpired... I throught a couple of times about PageExpiredException. IMO this is not a User Exception, i can not tell the user to restart the application. So what can i do on PageExpired (on sessiontimeout) ? To my mind there are a lot of ways for

Multiple throws of the RestartResponseAtInterceptionPageException

2009-06-13 Thread Martin Sachs
What is the best approach for using multiple interceptionpages: Usecase: - request a not Authorized page - first interception is the loginPage - after login you must enter a valid address-page ( this point can vary for different initial requests so the AuthorizationStrategy dont

Re: [OFF TOPIC] Java desktop applications

2009-06-12 Thread Martin Sachs
1: Maybe QT or what about! 3: Adope AIR is really nice looking 4: if you have in mind, that you would need the app also in web (intranet) build a wicket application. Desktop apps have better usability in general. GWT-application is an option to have both worlds ! Jeremy Thomerson

Re: Returning to the original page after session timeout / login

2009-06-12 Thread Martin Sachs
I wonder why this is so a big problem. On bookmarkable Webpages (e.g. Productpages) the user dont need to login and the session can destroyed via timeout. Each Ajax-Request throw would throw a PageExpiredException. This is the worst thing in wicket, IMHO. My tryout was the following in a

Re: Long JPA-Transactions

2009-06-10 Thread Martin Sachs
Spring will give you all feature you need and will need in a year... My Frameworks for my archetype: ;) - Wicket - Wicketstuff-jquery - Spring - singleton-beans for all short-running transactions - session-beans with extended EntityManager for long running tx ( dont

Re: how to cache the html output of a panel?

2009-05-22 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, you can cache fragments of HTML (if it has no generated html-ids) with a Behaviour. Look at XlstBehaviour. We have done it that way. But the bottlenekk is always the Database, not the rendering of small components. By the way, with such snipplet-caching you can improve the performance max

Re: Wicket in Php

2009-05-21 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, wicket in php is a very cool idea. It occurred to me that we can start a port the wicket to a php Framework. I dont know a php-Framework with features like wicket have. Many frameworks works more like struts IMHO. Maybe someone can help me, estimated the work of such porting of Wicket.

Re: Closeing 1st Modal Window from 2nd Modal Window

2009-04-03 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi i think you can just close the ModalWindow twice, because the closing-Javascript close only the current Window, so if you call it twice you close both windows. You must be sure, that there are 2 open windows ! Alternative: redirect to the page will close also all windows ;) Martin Warren

Re: Avoid serialization troubles with static members

2009-02-18 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi If we use @SpringBean we have automaticaly a serialized proxy object. Is it possible to use a transient variable to avoid the serialization at all ? public MyPanel extends Panel{ @SpringBean(name=myserviceBean) private transient MyServiceInterface service; ... } What do we need to

Re: [OT] wicket users around the world

2008-12-12 Thread Martin Sachs
Berlin, Germany francisco treacy schrieb: to know a little bit more of our great (and vast) community, i was just wondering if you're keen on sharing where you come from and/or where you work with wicket... for instance, here argentinian/belgian working with wicket in antibes, france

Re: [OT] wicket users around the world

2008-12-12 Thread Martin Sachs
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Re: What is your experience on the time of development ?

2008-12-12 Thread Martin Sachs
gain during your fist devs. with Wicket (even though you STILL gain a lot of time), but how much dev time you gain when reusing your existing Wicket components and how much time you save when you need to maintain your apps ;) Cheers, Antoine. Martin Sachs wrote: I'm looking

Re: Create custom UrlCodingStrategy

2008-12-03 Thread Martin Sachs
hi, i have only a simple idea. implement a UrlcodingStrategy like IndexedParamUrlCodingStrategy, where the words after first / are parameter. if you use this e.g. mount(new CustomerParamUrlCodingStrategie(/customers,...)); you would able to get the customerID as PageParameter like from the

Re: Create custom UrlCodingStrategy

2008-12-03 Thread Martin Sachs
ok simple DispatchingPage with Pageparameter DispatchingPage(Pageparameter params){ customerId = params.getIndexedParam(0); // not real syntax action = params.getIndexedParam(1); // not real syntax if(action.equals(login)){ PageParameter moreParam = new PageParameter();

Re: Create custom UrlCodingStrategy

2008-12-03 Thread Martin Sachs
Yes, then you have two ways to do that * implement your own RequestCycleProcessor * implement IRequestCodingStrategy and IRequestTargetMountsInfo or subclass WebRequestCodingStrategy (you can look on UrlCompressingWebCodingStrategy for a sample) Thats the way... Martin Mathias P.W

Re: Display two modal windows in one request

2008-11-24 Thread Martin Sachs
Hi, we have had the same issue. We are solving this Problem with a little workaround in the Wicket-Source. We also created a ticket with our solution for this problem. The problem was, that the close would be excecuted in Javascript with a