Catch Wicket.Error with FireBug

2010-03-30 Thread Martin U
Hi Folks, have everyone of you any experience in catching the wicket-ajax and js-errors with the Firebug? Easily we just need to overwrite WicketAjaxDebug.logError... but how? Thanks for any advice!

Tree with invisible Nodes

2010-03-18 Thread Martin U
Hi Folks, i've to implement a tree in which some node are exists under a parent node but they should not be visible to the user in browser at all. I tried to overwrite getChild from TreeNode. But it dont works for me. I need this node existens either they are not visible because the tree is my

Wicketstuff-Push without Dojo?

2010-03-08 Thread Martin U
Hi Folks, i need some COMETD or something equal implemention in my web-application. So i found wickestuff-push. But as far as is see, it users dojo to do the client-side magic. I dont want to blow up my application more as it still is ;) so i want ask for an wicket + comet workaround with jQuery

Delegate a Modelchange to the child components. Or using a ModalWindow for displaying different Models of a specific Type.

2010-02-15 Thread Martin U
Its not easy to find the right topic, but i will try to explain my problem as best as i can. I want to display an user-detail View (User is an BusinessObject in my Application) inside a specific Modal window. So at the rendering of the Site i place an empty or dummy UserObject inside my

Easier using of FormComponentFeedbackIndicator for many fields?!

2010-02-04 Thread Martin U
Hi Folks, i've to implement many form-pages with a lot of (more than 30) input fields, and each of them should be validated at least of required or not. but the request is to show the validation-errors behind the depeding component.. so iam using FormComponentFeedbackIndicator now and everything

How to add and remove css classes the right way?

2010-02-04 Thread Martin U
Hi Folks, I'am getting totally confused how to add and remove css classes to and form my text-input-fields on ajax-form-validation. At first i try to add two css classes step by step: IteratorFeedbackMessage iter =

Howto load StringResources from Database for Iternationalization?

2010-01-28 Thread Martin U
Hello Folks, i don't know if this question was ever done, but i didn't find anything suitable for me. In a huge webapplication which is being in the first steps of implementation, we want to use a Database (table) to store there any String Resources by locale for translation. I have been

Updating Form Elements by Ajax with new POJO-Model

2009-12-16 Thread Martin U
Iam totally confused. Iam using the Todo-List-Example from here : to play around with wicket. This example works, but i want to display a list of Entities from the Backend and edit one of them with my new-entity-Form. So i want to

How to update an ajax form panel?

2009-12-15 Thread Martin U
Hi, iam totally stuck and get confused at all. In my DB-based application i want to use the common data-table-lists (this works) with linked action (edit, delete, create what ever) But i want to edit a clicked entity under my form. So i think i have to use a panel for this form i want to update

Markup-Edit in Eclipse = wicket:panel is not recognized

2009-10-22 Thread Martin U
Hi Community, iam totally new to wicket and i want to use eclipse for editing my wicket-java and markup files. But the html-validator fools me with this error in the subject. Iam not able to disable the validation (Window-Preferences-Validation). Dont know why eclipse is not recognizing my