Wicket Job

2009-10-22 Thread Robert McGuinness
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Company: Availity
Job Description: http://www.availity.com/about-availity/careers/ (search for
for Developer III position)
Summary: Web app written in JSP/Servlets being converted to Wicket.  ORM
layer is Hibernate.   Javascript library is JQuery.

Obviously should great at using Wicket (creating custom components,
modifying existing Wicket components, integrating with JQuery, understanding
Wicket component lifecycle, understanding models, integrating Servlet/JSP
legacy with Wicket, etc) but also understand HTML/CSS/Javascript best
practices and making the UI cross browser.  ORM expertise a plus but not
super important.  More importantly, a passion for technology, especially
pushing the boundaries of UI development!

It's a great place to work and if you have fresh ideas on how to improve the
code base they are welcome; Ex: Availity was going to use JSF before I
joined, whew!

If you have specific questions just shoot me an email and I will do my best
to answer.


Robert McGuinness III

Ajax Redirect with Busy Indicator

2009-09-10 Thread Robert McGuinness
I applied the busy indicator techniques found here:
a site wide implementation.

I am using an ajax to submit the form, and do to some condition, I redirect
to the user to another page.  My problem seems to be the
Wicket.Ajax.invokePreCallHandlers() gets called on the doPost() method in
the wicket-ajax.js and the busy indicator continuously shows on the next

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?