wicket-el - is this a safe way to hook into wicket?

2013-12-18 Thread Steve Coughlan
A few weeks back I made a post about the first version of universal expression language for wicket. Since then it's come quite a way. The initial version hooked into by implementing IMarkupResourceStreamProvider for markup owning MarkupContainers (Panel, Page etc...) and by regenerating markup

Re: Web search functionality

2010-12-09 Thread Steve Coughlan
The next step up from LIKE statements is fulltext search. http://devzone.zend.com/article/1304 If you want more advanced functionality and are prepared to spend a bit of time implementing have a look at the Apache Lucene library. If you're using Hibernate there's a neat way to integrate with

Re: A beginner's tutorial

2010-08-05 Thread Steve Coughlan
I agree the 'model' is a very powerful concept that needs to be explained properly... However drawing on my own early experiences with with java frameworks I can say that the reasoning for why model's are valuable is difficult to understand until the principals of request lifecycle have been

Re: KonaKart shopping cart integration

2010-08-03 Thread Steve Coughlan
presents what the customer bought and some mechanism for keeping that in the session. KonaKart seems to be a lot more than that. /Per On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 2:35 AM, Steve Coughlan steve_cough...@yahoo.com.au wrote: I've been looking for a shopping cart solution that I can properly integrate

KonaKart shopping cart integration

2010-08-02 Thread Steve Coughlan
I've been looking for a shopping cart solution that I can properly integrate with wicket. There's been a few threads on this list where people have indicated they were building one but as far as I know nothing has ever eventuated. I don't really want to build to whole engine from scratch so