Firefox, be afraid be very afraid!!!

2009-08-04 Thread Steve Tarlton
I just spent the better half of a day WASTED because I use Firefox for testing my Wicket development. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a simple data picker to center. I wouldn't call myself an expert at html so I doubted myself. Turns out that Firefox decided that there

How do I set a selected item outside of an inmethod datagrid?

2009-07-20 Thread Steve Tarlton
I have a table that contains history entries of an item table. Whenever I change the selection in the item table, I repopulate the history in the history table. What I would like to do is select the newest history entry in the history table by default whenever I change the selection on the item

SpringBean: component-based verses session in scope.

2009-07-17 Thread Steve Tarlton
My app is using Spring/Hibernate and I am using the @SpringBean annotation based dependency injection to tie in my services. During my development, I found I needed access to one of the services at the session layer and found a thread that discussed how to do that by calling out

Update separate current select panel from AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior of inmethod DataGrid

2009-07-16 Thread Steve Tarlton
Stumbling on this one: I am using an AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior added to an inmethod DataGrid to have it update its datasource from a database every 15 seconds. This worked well but then I also want to update a corresponding panel that contains data from the currently selected row of the

A packaged resource that has a variable image based on component value

2009-07-10 Thread Steve Tarlton
I know this is probably very simple to do, but I haven't been able to get my head wrapped around it. I want to create a component within the column of a table that has 6 different images associated to it. Each image is tied to a number as the component is actually an integer representing a state.

Looking to implement a table that has it all.

2009-07-02 Thread Steve Tarlton
I am looking to develop a table that has sortable columns, using an ajax approach of course. I want to highlight the row that one is mousing over with one color and ideally if a row is currently selected it would be highlighted with a different color. Additionally, I want to have alternating

Dirty read/edit problem.

2009-06-22 Thread Steve Tarlton
I thought I would throw this one out to the user group and see if it makes sense or am I over complicating things. I am implementing a check list system using Wicket-Hibernate-Spring. There could potentially be more than one person trying to edit a given check item within the list and I want to be

application-level properties not component properties.

2009-06-18 Thread Steve Tarlton
I hope I finally figured out how to post to this... I am very knew to Wicket and web app development but very experience Java client application developer (Swing). I read Wicket-in-Action pretty much cover-to-cover and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Wicket! Anyway, getting