Re: Ajax broken in IE 8

2011-07-31 Thread T P D
Yes, I was wrong. It wasn't working on my machine (because I have Fiddler installed?) but is working in general. Sorry to have muddied the waters. On 7/29/2011 12:20 PM, Dan Retzlaff wrote: I'll help you test it if you boil it down to a quickstart application you can share. On Fri, Jul 29,

Re: Ajax broken in IE 8

2011-07-29 Thread T P D
OK, so since I'm having this problem and no one else is -- what am I doing wrong? And why is it working in Firefox? In Firefox, with javascript disabled, I get a normal POST; with javascript enabled, I get ajax. In IE 8, using Wicket 1.4.9, even with javascript enabled, I get a POST (the

Ajax broken in IE 8

2011-07-28 Thread T P D
Wicket 1.4.9's Ajax doesn't work in Internet Explorer; in particular, AjaxFallbackButtons fall back to non-Ajax POSTs, and the Wicket Debug window is never seen. In 1.4.17, Ajax is still broken, but the fallback never happens, because Ajax sort-of works: the the Wicket Debug window doe show

Rendering a page to a String, with absolute Wicket urls?

2011-07-25 Thread T P D
I want to render a page to a String in order to email it as HTML. I also want to include in that HTML links back to my Wicket application. I know from googling that that's a perennial topic (and most of the answers on nabble go to dead links), but I am having trouble doing all three things

IConverter.convertToObject not called

2011-07-07 Thread T P D
I've added an IConverter to a TextFieldString, to do formatting. The converter's convertToString method is called on render, but convertToObject is not called on form submit. Some of the Wicket 1.3 examples suggest that this is a known problem, and suggest using a wrapper type as a

How can I encapsulate similar behavior yet varying markup?

2011-07-07 Thread T P D
I want to add several collapsable ListViews: a listview paired with a button to toggle showing either the full list or the fist N elements. But each listview's populateItem and corresponding markup will be different. If I write a Wicket Panel, I'm not only locked-in to one set of markup. I

Re: IConverter.convertToObject not called

2011-07-07 Thread T P D
I see your point -- because you're right, it's not a /type/ conversion I'm looking for. But I am looking for a /format/ conversion. It would be handy if IConverter allowed that too, by unconditionally applying the conversion. The Wicket example of formatting phone numbers

Why is MarkupContainer.add(Component...) final?

2011-02-19 Thread T P D
Why is MarkupContainer.add( Component...) final, while MarkupContainer.addOrReplace( Component...) is virtual? I'd like to be able to subclass MarkupContainer and override add, but I can't because it's final. What's the reason it's final? (Of course, I can instead write myAdd() and call add

Re: Wicket E-Commerce

2011-02-19 Thread T P D
My cursory inspection of Broadleaf suggests that it cleanly separates into four (five) main parts: broadleaf-profile, broadleaf-framework, broadleaf-profile-web, broadleaf-framework-web, (broadleaf-core). I think you could write a wicket fronted to it, by linking to the profile and ecommerce

Why should the programmer specify how a SingleSelectChoice looks?

2009-03-30 Thread T P D
What I really like about Wicket is that it -- much more than JSPs -- allows the separation of HTML markup from Java code. No c:ifing with a Domain Specific Language like JTSL (or Velocity macros) inside HTML markup and side-by-side with javascript. In Wicket, in contrast, HTML markup contains

Re: Why should the programmer specify how a SingleSelectChoice looks?

2009-03-30 Thread T P D
, then talk about my implementation, and extending the same pattern to the multiple choice Components. Thanks, --Tom Igor Vaynberg wrote: there isnt anything really stopping you from doing this. afaict you already have all the wicket hooks to do this. -igor On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 2:15 PM, T P D

2009-03-20 Thread T P D
I've created a Wicket project using the Maven archetype provided at: I've created a class inherited from a Wicket Component. I've created a JUnit4 testcase subclass to unit test my class. It just news up an instance of my Component-derived class, and