WICKET-4387: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when forwarding requests

2012-07-04 Thread W Mazur
Hi, Wicket-4387 is marked as resolved (on May 18), but there are notes from July 20th, that the issue is still reproducible on 1.5.7. We've got very similar issue ( exactly the same exception stack when ERROR and REQUEST dispatchers are in web.xml and an error-page tag is used in web.xml ), so I'd

Re: Suppress Ajax ComponentNotFoundException

2012-06-25 Thread W Mazur
I would try to add WindowClosedCallback to Modal Window and remove behavior(s) in that callback (unless you are going to reuse that ModalWindow). Another option: try to override Behavior's canCallListenerInterface() Regards Wlodek 2012/6/25 Alex Grant alex.gr...@unimarket.com: I have a

Re: Single page wicket app

2012-05-15 Thread W Mazur
I would add Wicket Session size. See: http://www.small-improvements.com/blog/technical/tuning-wicket-session-size Regards 2012/5/15 J├╝rgen Lind juergen.l...@iteratec.de: What do you mean by large? Many users or many dialogs/components? I have developed three more or less (which means that a

Re: Need help in implementing Ajax form

2012-05-14 Thread W Mazur
Hi, - Use Firefox with Firebug to track down client-server comunication (or lack of it) - Do you have javascript enebled? If terget == null then nothing happens in onSubmit() method. - Add some logging (log4j etc.), to your app Regards Wlodek 2012/5/14 Sebastien seb...@gmail.com: And the