RE: Wicket cannot find id in inner enclosure...but has no problem in outer one!!!

2012-04-17 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Hi, can anyone tell me any other alternative of enclosure if the above problem cant be bugged out?? You can do explicitly what the enclosure does more conveniently, by using a WebMarkupContainer where isvisible() delegates to the child's isVisible(). - Tor Iver

RE: Wicket 1.5 markup id for a reused TextField is the same

2012-04-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
In 1.4 version of wicket there was no impact, but in 1.5.5 the id is not overwritten by wicket. Presumably they changed it so that it would work as a markup equivalent to setMarkupId(), though I haven't checked the changes list to verify that. :) - Tor Iver

RE: How to embedded CheckBox in the DropDownChoice Options

2012-04-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I want to embedded CheckBox in the DropDownChoice Options so that I can select multi options in the page. Browsers render multiple-select controls differently, adding checkboxes to a DropDownChoice (single-select) makes no sense since the browser will be sending one value anyway. Look into

RE: Accessing .properties file

2012-03-30 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I am using netbeans for maven project(with added wicket framework) and i want to access from a java class. Are the properties files not being put into the output jar/war files? Remember that Maven by default sets up a structure where *.java goes into src/main/java and

RE: Accessing .properties file

2012-03-30 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Coiuld u please give me a sample of the code for the pom.xml for accessing .properties file Not sure what you mean, you don't usually put code in pom.xml. Look into configuring the resource elements to include the correct file types and folders. - Tor Iver


2012-03-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Additionally you can put in its own jar and put it in $tomcat/lib. That's the default for Tomcat 6+, but formally the location for shared classpath entries is defined in the property common.loader in $tomcat/conf/ So e.g. to re-establish the older

RE: Could not find child with id: cart:prezzo in the wicket:enclosure

2012-03-27 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Last cause: Could not find child with id: cart:prezzo in the wicket:enclosure You are running into an issue with repeaters: Their subelements have the index as part of the path, so the relative element id for the first row element would be cart:0:prezzo - and with no rows there is no element

RE: AjaxIndicatingDropDownChoice

2012-03-27 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
How do I change the cursor to Wait as long as the spinner is also spinning? Use CSS (cursor: progress;) for the element used as the busy indicator, either on id or on class with or without the :hover pseudoclass. - Tor Iver

RE: Creating a submit form which takes date and a string as input and displays the data from database(mysql) using simple jdbc

2012-03-27 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I want to know how to input date into database using form. I am using Timestamp in mysql. The Wicket-related psrt of that question is that you use a TextFieldDate with a model, and you then get the model object value in onSubmit() and use normal SQL to insert or update. - Tor Iver

RE: Homepage runs 2 times if I mount it as /

2012-03-26 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
/;jsessionid=6730E8A6F6FED95C9AC24E7A37F3A35A?0 This is added by the web container in case the browser does not support cookies. It is added on the first response regardless, and also on subsequent ones if the browser does not accept cookies, or you turn it off (e.g. using cookies=false in

RE: mouseover in wicket

2012-03-26 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
is possible to create mouseover and show tooltip (wicket panel with html) when I move cursor over html element/text/link. Is there any way how to do it in wicket? I have used the wicketstuff Mootip extensions to do that earlier, worked fine. Only drawback was that the MootipBehaviour

RE: Serialize exceptions

2012-03-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Hi I get a serialize exception in a panel of mine its correct that one of the contained fields cannot be serialized, however this field are injected and should not be touched by the checker, the field are marked with the @inject annotation. I'm using guice for injection.. Any thing obvious

RE: Control panels through Ajax

2012-03-14 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
My problem is how to redirect the ajax target from one Panel to the other. If Panel A needs to invoke anything in Panel B then Panel A should have a reference to Panel B (or to a mediator object that knows about it), and send the AjaxRequestTarget (which applies to the entire Page's component

RE: Control panels through Ajax

2012-03-14 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I´m really new to web programming, so how should that solve my Problem? If I got it right the mediator does only know the colleagues which would be Panels in my case. But the methods of these colleague Panels are hidden because of inheritance (myPanel is child of Panel). Could you describe

RE: Tree onClick() question...

2012-03-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
My question is why is target always null in the onClick handler? Typically that happens for AjaxFallback* components when the click is not an Ajax request, e.g. the user has disabled Javascript. In those cases target is null and the whole page will be rendered in the (normal) response. - Tor


2012-03-07 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Now , i am changing browser language from IE. I am able to get message from properties file for label and another things. But i am still unable to show above alert message in different languages. Can you solve this problem. Please reply soon. Typically, you would do this by

RE: Customizing AjaxIndicatorAppender and indicator

2012-03-06 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
See org.apache.wicket.ajax.IAjaxIndicatorAware. With this you can provide your own indicator which will be shown/hidden before/after the Ajax request I think the poster wants to use visibility: hidden instead of display: none for when it is not shown (the taking up space requirement). - Tor

RE: How to skip a page on back button

2012-03-01 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Is there any way to skip a page using back button. i.e. Forward sequence: HomePage-Page1-Page2 If the link from Page1 to Page2 is a Javascript link that does a location.replace('url for Page2') the browser should not remember Page1 in the history, if memory serves. Removing from the

RE: Component specific JavaScript

2012-02-19 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Thanks a lot. One last stupid question: is this supposed to work for Wicket 1.4? Doubful, the event system was added in 1.5 - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands,

RE: refresh and AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable

2012-02-14 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Thus the browser still shows the old version in the URL. But all future Ajax requests are targetting a different page version than visible in the browser URL :(. Can't you fix that with a getPage().dirty(); in the Ajax request handler? - Tor Iver

RE: Serving different content depending on User Agent

2012-02-13 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I would like to know what is the best way to serve slightly different content depending on the User Agent string coming from the browser. You can pick it up in Application.newRequestCycle() or WebApplication.newWebRequest(), and use it to pick a value for Session.setStyle() and then use

RE: Get the Wicket Session from HttpServletSession

2012-02-13 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I dont understand why WebSession is not a derivative of the native session and while from Wicket, one can access the raw session or request, the other way round doesn't seem part of officially charted waters. Because a Wicket session can be stored elsewhere if you want. Storing it in the

RE: Get the Wicket Session from HttpServletSession

2012-02-13 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
What about the part that would solve my problem -- wicket:wicket.wicketapp:session , do I just use that or there is some higher order function available :) WebApplication. getSessionAttributePrefix(WebRequest, String) seems to set it, but afterwards it's harder to get at: But once set you

RE: Serving different content depending on User Agent

2012-02-13 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Could someone explain the meaning of the string argument to Session.setStyle()? It's used in parsing resource names, and often in code as well, e.g. hiding detail views for mobile browsing. If you have a Locale of no_NO and a style of mobile Wicket will look for e.g.

RE: Problem DatePicker, ModalWindow and IE8

2012-02-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
When i put my mouse over one of those buttons (close or change month), i don't have the pointer cursor and when i click it does nothing. Welcome to the wonderful world of IE compatibility mode. You probably need to add a DOCTYPE declaration to the top of your HTML: !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC

RE: Wicket in a Dot Net World

2012-02-08 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I don't suppose anyone has ported Wicket to .NET? What, and lose all the non-designable ASP.Net or Razor goodness? :) - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail:

RE: MulitFileUploadField looses state after validation error

2012-02-06 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
No, the only workaround is probably to do the FileUpload logic during validation, and flag the upload field as completed somehow (or just show that files have been uploaded) - Tor Iver -Original Message- From: Daniel Meier [] Sent: 6. februar 2012 14:34

RE: Populate DropDownChoice, set Object Model and still keep Please Select option

2012-01-30 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I tried using DropDownChoice.setNullValid(true); but that only works for the dropdown choices in which no model has been set. Then you probably also need setRequired(false); Otherwise it will not show the null choice for non-null models. - Tor Iver

RE: Handling POST, PUT and DELETE from a resource

2012-01-05 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Look into Reference implementation for JAX-RS (ignore that it sorts under the Glassfish section, it runs fine in other containers too): An older REST implementation that started before the JAX-RS spec but has been modified to conform (AFAIK):

RE: It is not a good idea to reference the Session instance in models directly as it may lead to serialization problems.

2012-01-04 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
// Indirection for PropertyModel object public class MySessionModel extends AbstractReadOnlyModelMySession { public MySession getObject() { return (MySession) Session.get(); } } - Tor Iver -Original Message- From: Rahman USTA

RE: Freemarker+ExtJS vs Wicket questions

2011-12-06 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Plus another problem I see is if I have to use separate templates for each script tag I may end up with lots of small files so my logic will be peppered around. How is that much different from using a bunch of Wicket classes with templates instead of placing all webapp logic in a

RE: message internationalization

2011-12-05 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
The label components are not refreshed after changing locale. Do you know why. My guess is that the labels are not using a Locale-aware model like ResourceModel, but instead have been set using construction-time getString() or the like. Another problem is that when I change the locale I

RE: message internationalization

2011-12-02 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
When I enter first time on page I change my local to de-De. A better place to do that is in Application.newSession(). Or you can tell your browser to prefer de_DE and let Wicket pick up using Accept-Language: header (IIRC it does that for you). - Tor Iver

RE: Regarding Reset

2011-11-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver do i use reset in java code.I have just declare a reset button in my html which is working as expected but wana know is there any other alternative of doin it. A HTML input of type=reset will by default do nothing server-side but just reset input fields of a form to the initial values.

RE: Handling ReplaceHandlerException on continueToOriginalDestination in wicket 1.5

2011-11-24 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
continueToOriginalDestination() does alway sthrow the replacehandler exception. this is how that method works... In 1.5 perhaps, in 1.4 it returns false if it was not a redirect; that might be the cause of confusion. - Tor Iver

RE: Update Component on TextField Entry

2011-11-18 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
use the TextField component and add OnChangeAjaxBehavior to it, then from inside onEvent() you can repaint the list. And remember to put a WebMarkupContainer around the repeater since repeaters cannot be addressed by Ajax (due to reused markup and resulting synthesized ids). - Tor Iver

RE: Apache Wicket is a Flawed Framework

2011-11-17 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Ah, it's been a while since a JSF/JSP zealot bothered to annoy Wicket users. Now go away and cook up a tag library or five. - Tor Iver

RE: EOFException( Connection reset by peer: socket write error)

2011-11-16 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
*this.getRequestCycle().getOriginalResponse().setContentType(jpg);* Looks wrong, typically the content type is a MIME content type, which has two components, e.g. image/jpeg - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

RE: UTF-8 encoding RFE for warning?

2011-11-02 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
It's a known fact for me aswell now :) Note that even though properties files need to be in the default encoding, you can use non-iso-latin characters by way of the \u syntax, though a bit more cumbersome than raw Unicode characters. - Tor Iver

RE: Upgrading of Wicket application on server without losing state

2011-11-02 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Is there a convenient way to shut down a wicket application so that it saves its complete state to e.g. the filesystem and the next wicket app that boots up initially reads the state from those files? anyone else handling server upgrades differently and in a better way? Well, if you put the

RE: LDMs load too early - hold outdated application data.

2011-10-26 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
It seems to me that Wicket should detach its models again after events have triggered, in addition to after rendering has completed. That would reset the state of all models to what the developer expects it to be before rendering begins. That's nearly always - then you are just as well

RE: CheckGroup losing state on invalid submission

2011-10-25 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Environment: Wicket 1.5.1 I have the same happen in 1.4.19. It's as if the Check's input state is reset (to the CheckGroup model state? I.e. it perhaps checks the model and cannot find the Check's equivalent value there?). - Tor Iver

RE: PageMap locking...

2011-10-24 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Once the user has clicked a link to another page (Or switched a tab if it is a tabed page), is there a way to terminate the request to prevent a load on the server for a page that will not be displayed? Normally: no, because these are separate requests. The first request will cancel only when

RE: Drilling Application.getHomePage()

2011-10-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Q / Problem) Since Application.getHomePage() returns Class? extends Page and in my case Multiple pages are mounted to point to the same WebPage. How to I specify the Home Page. getHomePage() returns what Page to use for a request when the URL does not refer to a mounted Page or other

RE: wicket + jasper reports

2011-10-18 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
URL resource = getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(DOCOferta.jrxml); An aside: This is the equivalent to getClass().getResource(/DOCOferta.jrxml); i.e. a resource on the classpath root. Check your projects to see if the file is in the correct location to be included at runtime.

RE: Community tools

2011-10-07 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
So what is the best way (official? permanent?) to link to a previous response? Link to a posting on Nabble or one of the other mailinglist-aggregators out there perhaps? :) - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

RE: serialization question

2011-08-16 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Is there a hook point to serialization of components? We would like to throw a WicketRuntimeException if we detect that we are about to attempt to serialize out an attached (in our case Hibernate) entity rather than using a LoadableDetachableModel and only serializing the id. I usually solve

RE: rendering component

2011-08-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
 setVisible(false) , actually renders component but disables it via style sheet Isn't that the case only when you use setOutputPlaceholderTag(true)? For other cases, nothing is output AFAIK. - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe,

RE: CheckGroup Model

2011-08-10 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
How can I do this in a elegant way? Are you sure your Campo class implements equals() properly? Also remember it is better to pass the IModelListCampo (that you will be using later to pick up the values) to the CheckGroup, e.g. in your case a PropertyModel based on where you read out the

RE: session closed when adding CSSPackageResource

2011-08-05 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
When I do this : new ModelQuestionnaire(q) it creates an IModel for Questionnaire, doesn't it? I think he means to make a more dynamic model, e.g. public class QuestionnaireModel extends LoadableDetachabeModelQuestionnaire { private String theKey; public

RE: What does this syntax say?

2011-07-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
public W IWrapModelW wrapOnInheritance(Component component,ClassW type) The ClassW parameter is only needed if you intend to do new W(); or the like in the method (the Class is then something the compiler can grab hold of for calling the constructor). For just passing the type parameter to

RE: getInput and getDefaultModelObject and validation

2011-07-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
If I am using some form validator, I notice that getDefaultModelObject does not have the value from the getInput. I am assume this intentional. Is there a way to force wicket to update the modelObject? Yes, form component models are not updated until they pass validation, that is very

RE: getInput and getDefaultModelObject and validation

2011-07-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Is there a way to force a modelobject update on each individual field and then do my form validation. It seems you want to use getConvertedInput(). Going via the model to get the converted value is just a detour when you are in a validator. If you push data to the model and then decide it is

RE: Ten things every Wicket programmer must know?

2011-07-28 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Also: * How to avoid excessive use of Labels and AttributeModifiers (with ResourceModels) just for l10n, by using wicket:message in the template instead * compressing code by use of ids matching property names combined with CompoundPropertyModel and/or PropertyListView - Tor Iver

RE: Dialog Box is not replaced

2011-07-27 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
@Martin: after calling D1.replaceWith(D2), D1=D2 is done as well. Are you sure you call D2.setOutputMarkupId(true)? Otherwise the Wicket Ajax handler will not find the correct DOM element to replace. - Tor Iver - To

RE: Problem in ListView populateItem()

2011-07-26 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I have one comma. I followed the same example in the book, which is add(Label,IModel). But something's wrong. Strange example if so: Try instead add(new Label(id, model)); The Model is for the Label. - Tor Iver - To

RE: dynamic DataTable

2011-07-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Since TextArea can contain any SELECT statement, Column names, count can change every time. So I need a dynamic table that is compatible to view any SELECT Statement result. Since you appear to have no need for performing updates or inserts, try ditching the DataTable in favour of using

RE: How can i redirect to a wicket page after executing an url-request?

2011-07-18 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
*But* the link leads me to the solr response page. I know it's intended by clicking a link to get directed to the called page, but i would like to call the url and immediatly after that call i would like to redirect to wicket page. Sounds like what you really want to do is use Apache

RE: How can i redirect to a wicket page after executing an url-request?

2011-07-18 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
HttpClient looks great. Do you know if i can execute the HttpMethod without waiting for request to comeback? Maybe an asynchronous way? There seems to be an async fork you can try:

RE: How can i redirect to a wicket page after executing an url-request?

2011-07-18 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
throw new RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException(DashboardPage.class); Will you ever be returning from that (via continueToOriginalDestination())? If not, setResponsePage(DashboardPage.class) is better. - Tor Iver

RE: ModalWindow

2011-07-12 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I already used AjaxButton but it still show that popup. Do we have other options? Do you have an onbeforeunload event handler that returns a value? That will trigger such a message as well. - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe,

RE: Getting A Random Localized Resource (CSS Image) Instead Of Page

2011-07-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
From: Horacio Natyural [] What are the implications of this error message? Wicket will ignore any overriding (on the Page level) of the property, only the component's own (and the Application's?) properties files will be used. E.g. if

RE: WicketFilter.init() called twice with Glassfish

2011-07-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
The first workaround we ended up using was something like: public class SafeWicketFilter extends WicketFilter { private boolean initWasAlreadyCalledSoYouShouldNotDoThisYouStupidGlassfish = false; @Override public void init(FilterConfig filterConfig) throws

RE: Application with name 'xxxx' already exists.

2011-07-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Hmm... there is just one, no more. :( You have run into a known Glassfish bug where WicketFilter.init() is called twice. A solution is to add a boolean guard in a WicketFilter subclass that only calls super.init() once. - Tor Iver

RE: Forms across multiple panels

2011-06-20 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
How can one perform form field validation if the form fields are inside the panels contained in the forms? Extend FormComponentPanel instead of Panel. That deals with the nesting. - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

RE: JavaScript enabled or disabled

2011-05-23 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
You could add a Javascript/Ajax callback to a Page that sets e.g. a Session flag that says that Javascript is enabled. See for an example. Or you could try to implement what you need Javascript

RE: updating a label's model with ajax

2011-05-16 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
My guess: You have forgotten to call myLabel.setOutputMarkupId(true) or myLabel.setOutputPlaceholderTag(true) so the Ajax framework cannot find the element in the DOM. mvh - Tor Iver Wilhelmsen, Arrive AS -Original Message- From: [] Sent:

RE: How to bind object in Hashset to CompoundPropertyModel expression

2011-05-16 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I haven't tried it and guaranteeing the ordering would need to be accounted for. But its a potential direction. Another approach would be to change the Hibernate mapping from a set to a bag since that will map to a List on the Java side. - Tor Iver

RE: building dynamic charts in wicket

2011-05-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Sounds like a combo of a dynamic image resource component (using e.g. JFreeChart or the like) and an AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior is needed. mvh - Tor Iver Wilhelmsen, Arrive AS -Original Message- From: [] Sent: 9. mai 2011 14:32

RE: moving from development to deployment mode

2011-05-04 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Clean the web container work area or the unpacked application folder? This sounds like a case of the web container keeping old code around. mvh - Tor Iver Wilhelmsen, Arrive AS -Original Message- From: henry [] Sent: 4. mai 2011 13:58 To:

RE: Serve Json in request and response

2011-05-03 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I can use dopost and doget but how to handle Json request? JSON is just data representation, there are some Java libraries out there to deal with JSON formatted data (e.g. Jettison at or JSON.simple at ). But if you want to

RE: wicket tags

2011-04-28 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
1) Why do you use immediate-child selectors (involving ) instead of just child selectors (without the )? The selector .custom-component-class header will work. 2) wicket namespace tags are removed in deployment mode (or if you tell markup settings to strip them), so wicket:child will disappear

RE: Custom head title on subpage

2011-04-12 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I mean, how can i do in concrete class to provide a different title depending on language. Your title model class could check Session.get().getLocale() to decide what text to return from getObject(). - Tor Iver - To

RE: Form composed of Panel components

2011-04-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Look into org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.FormComponentPanelT - Tor Iver -Original Message- From: Chris Colman [] Sent: 11. april 2011 15:08 To: Subject: Form composed of Panel components I have a complex form that I choose

RE: Can i catch all urls ending with .php?

2011-04-05 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
i have to build a redirect page for urls ending with .php. If i mount the page with *.php Path i get a 404. Sounds like something that is better handled with a traditional ServletFilter than anything Wicket. - Tor Iver - To

RE: Apache Wicket Cookbook Published!

2011-03-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I have this book on order; I look forward to studying it. Order, is that what you have when you do not just buy the PDF edition and open it in iBooks on your iPad - like I did? :) (Just for completeness I also clicked the I want this for Kindle link at Amazon to give a suggestion to aid those

RE: WicketRuntimeException

2011-03-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Can somebody help me with this exception? What can be wrong am desperate. What to look for? Typically, the real error is further down in the text that what you included. Common causes are: * Having a wicket:id the the HTML with no corresponding component * Adding a component without adding

RE: make link invisible via onclick

2011-03-28 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
is there a possibility to make a link invisible itself via onClick? link.setVisible( false ); Sure: Just use this instead of link, since this in the onClick() will be the anonymous object based on Link. - Tor Iver

RE: issue with input type=reset

2011-03-28 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
And idea how to avoid that behaviour? resetButton.setDefaultFormProcessing(false); - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail:

RE: WicketStuff artifacts naming strategy

2011-03-25 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
- jasperreports-1.4.16.jar - jasperreports-3.7.2.jar The first one is from WicketStuff, but still, it is confusing to see this. This one of my biggest peeves with Maven: It has this concept of a groupId to namespace artifacts in the repository, but this is of no consequence when the jar

RE: open link in new window = target is null

2011-03-22 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I have a similar issue.. can anyone please tell why the target parameter for onClick of AjaxfallbackLink comes as null? It will be null for non-Ajax (i.e. the fallback) requests when the user has Javascript disabled. In those cases the entire page will be redrawn anyway so there is no need to

RE: Call urlFor(Class, PageParams) outside of request cycle

2011-03-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
We have a Quartz thread which periodically sends emails with a link to a Wicket page. Calling RequestCycle.get().urlFor(Class, PageParameters) doesn't work because the thread is not a part of Wicket request cycle. Is there a way to ask Wicket to generate the URL in this case? What you really

RE: Portlet Development with wicket

2011-03-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Does wicket support development of portlets ? I cant find much information by googling. Wicket 1.4 does (and it works fine at least in our context of using Liferay as container), apparently in 1.5 they are moving that functionality out from the main library. - Tor Iver

RE: Drop Down Choice

2011-03-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
typing T would select Two, but typing Th would select Three. Is this possible in Wicket? This is the way well-behaved modern browsers already work :) - Tor I. - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For

RE: [1.5.0-rc2] possible bug with danish characters

2011-03-02 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I just noticed that after upgrading to rc2, my some of my texts like håndteret kald when getting saved/posted becomes this: hÃ¥ndteret kald.. Charset issue, they get posted as UTF-8; you probably either need to test for charset or assume UTF-8 across the board. - Tor Iver

RE: [1.5 MIGRATION] State handling / inter-page events / versioning

2011-02-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
setResponsePage(new SomePage() { @Override protected void onPreviousButtonClicked() { setResponsePage(OriginalPage.this); } }); final PageReference pageRef = this.getPageReference(); setResponsePage(new SomePage() { @Override protected void onPreviousButtonClicked() {

RE: Wicket Philosophy/Best Practice

2011-02-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I tell people that I think you should let your Model and Model backing object control the look and feel/display/content of your components. Even visibility should be delegated to the model or model object and not set by the component. Am I wrong here? Yes. :) The model should NOT care

RE: isValid and getFeedbackMessage

2011-02-03 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Can i change TextField's (FormComponent) valid status and set a custom error message from outside ? Like : Normally you write a validator that calls component.error() to set the error message, and add that validator to the FormComponent. As long as it has that error it will count as invalid.

RE: DatePickerBehavior lost when toggling visibility

2011-01-21 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
A drop down box fires an AJAX request and the text field with the date picker has an overridden isVisible() method. You have used setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag(true) on the component that visibility is toggled for yes? - Tor Iver

RE: Should Logger classes be transient?

2011-01-17 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Just to know Why a static variable is not serializable? Because objects (instances) are serialized and static data belongs to the class and not instances. - Tor Iver - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

SV: inter application communication in wicket

2011-01-10 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
Can anybody please throw some light on how two wicket applications, deployed into the same container can interact with each other? The easiest is to just pass the parameters as normal path- or query parameters (strings) in the link. For more complex cases you can either try passing a JSON

SV: Apache Wicket : Please Help.

2010-12-16 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
12/2/10 15:54:28:415 ICT] 0023 WebAppE [Servlet Error]-[Error while finishing the connection]: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError Increase heap using the -Xmx parameter, or if that does not help look for common causes for runaway page stores like having Page pointers in other Pages

SV: 1.5 integer textfield

2010-12-15 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
hmm that fixes it, it's because of generic limitations that we need to set the class explicitly, correct? Yes, type information is only available at compile time, the compiler synthesizes generics use into explicit casting used at runtime. - Tor Iver

SV: SV: Multiple wicket applications in a single WAR

2010-12-09 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I don't think it is a good idea to have multiple applications in one war. Wicket stores static state in ThreadLocals (Application, Session, etc.). The ThreadLocal objects are static, yes, but the actual objects stored there are per thread and thus not static. All apps in the same war share

SV: Multiple wicket applications in a single WAR

2010-12-08 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
BUMP... Anyone? we run wicket 1.4.9 Any reason you use WicketServlet instead of WicketFilter? We use multiple apps in a war and that works fine in the filter case. In fact it seems that WicketServlet delegates to an internal WicketFilter anyway... - Tor Iver

Re: How to enable/disable an hierarchy?

2010-12-01 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I could override onConfigure in every component, and read the field that controls the enabling/disabling, but that would create a lot of boilerplate code for the 80-90% of FormComponents/links that should be disabled. It would be a lot cleaner to disable the parent, and only handle the ones I

SV: Painting a ListView in Ajax via a transparent container fails

2010-11-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
div wicket:id=listview-container wicket:container wicket:id=list-view/ /div Which is laid out as: ... panel.add((listviewContainer = new WebMarkupContainer(listview-container)).setOutputMarkupId(true)); ... This is almost what I have (in the Page), except the outermost one is

SV: Painting a ListView in Ajax via a transparent container fails

2010-11-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I don't know what you mean with transparent but ofcourse you cannot repaint invisible things. A transparent container is one that appears in the markup and in the code but which returns true for isTransparentResolver(). It's not invisible but is not part of the explicit hierarchy. An example

SV: Painting a ListView in Ajax via a transparent container fails

2010-11-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
wicket:enclosure is not present if not visible (from browser perspective). So it cannot be repainted. I think we are talking past each other: It was just an example of something that is a transparent container to a Wicket developer, though it is implemented using IComponentResolver instead of

SV: Painting a ListView in Ajax via a transparent container fails

2010-11-29 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
So this special component is designed to be aware of children components only at the rendering time ( working with the markupStream ) and not at the pre-rendering. As the ListView depends on pre-rendering logic, add an transparent resolved component in ajax request target has no effect because

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