Re: signOut and port

2012-01-10 Thread brettTi
Yea, I was already doing all that. The issue was the :8443 in the url, which is accurate but bothersome since we are trying to hide that with iptables. Fixed it by throwing a RedirectToUrlException with the port number left out of the url. -- View this message in context:

signOut and port

2012-01-02 Thread brettTi
We're running a wicket app on jetty and having an issue with signout. The app runs on port 8443 and we have iptables redirecting from port 443. This lets us go to https://ourap.lab without port numbers and without having the web app run as root. Everything is great until we do signout. We have

Re: CheckBoxes cleared by Modal popup

2010-11-10 Thread brettTi
Seems to be a nested form issue. The modal has a form. If i change the modal's AjaxSubmitLink to an AjaxLink, the problem on the outer form goes away. I need the submmit on the modal, so this doesn't really solve my problem so I moved the modal window so that its not nested. I'm good for now,