Re: Checkbox tree component

2007-11-16 Thread dstruck
Doug, thanks for putting this together. David Doug Leeper wrote: Ok here it is. I have also included my use of it. While it won't compile for will at least see how I have used it. CheckBoxIconPanel.html

Re: Configuring AJAX tree

2007-10-26 Thread dstruck
Thanks for the advice, Matej. I've upgraded to Wicket 1.3 and the LinkTree lays out much nicer. That said, I actually was able to adjust the width by using CSS: 1. Create a CSS file in the same package as the HTML file. 2. Use a span tag in the HTML for the tree (when the HTML is generated by

Checkbox tree component

2007-10-26 Thread dstruck
Has anyone put together a checkbox tree component? I've done some searches but haven't turned anything up. Basically, I'd like a tree with a checkbox leading each node that when checked also selects all child nodes. I'm thinking of something like the tree you see when you do software updates in