Re: popup to disapear on defaultdatatable paging

2011-10-28 Thread midikem
Well i got it to work after a while when i realized PagingNavigator not was the only one i could use. So when i switched to AjaxPagingNavigator i found this method onAjaxEvent that did what i wanted it to. Have another question about DataTable though. Is it possible to change the headersToolbar

popup to disapear on defaultdatatable paging

2011-10-27 Thread midikem
Hi i have a problem. I have a popup that triggers on a page. If it contains pageparameter popup it should trigger. The problem is that i want it to disapear on the defaultdatatable paging. Becouse now everytime i press something in the paging the popup popsup. Is there a way to override the paging

Re: popup to disapear on defaultdatatable paging

2011-10-27 Thread midikem
I still got a problem. When i override onClick() and just try to logg something out nothing happends. @Override protected PagingNavigationLink? newPagingNavigationLink(String id, IPageable pageable, final int pageNumber) {

Re: How to customize the pages of a DataTable, DataView or DataGrid.

2010-07-01 Thread midikem
The load by each page i fixed with my sql where i picked out a sequence of data. Makes the defaultdatatable works fine in my oppinion. -- View this message in context:

wicket:panel to datatable

2010-06-29 Thread midikem
hi! I am wondering how to add a wicket:panel/wicket:panel to a datatable. works to add my panel likte this add(new TestPanel(test)); But how do i add it as an iterating panel in the datatable. My datatable looks like this ListIColumnTest columns = new ArrayListIColumnTest();

About the Mail on this page mainly to Igor

2010-06-24 Thread midikem
Hi can u please put the mail invisible. When you search on google on your mail you get all the posts from this forum, that you have posted, and i dont want my mail to be vissible to other people, due to spam and other stuffs. -- View this message in context:

Re: DataTable in DataTable

2010-06-15 Thread midikem
columns.add(new LinkPropertyColumntest(new StringResourceModel(one, this, null), ONE, one){ private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Override public void onClick(Item item, String componentId, IModeltest model) { try { new

DataTable in DataTable

2010-06-04 Thread midikem
Hi is it possible to add a dataTable in a DataTable and how? I have a dataTable and when i press on a line in it i want a new dataTable to popup below the line i have pressed. How do i do this? I have a DefaultDataTabletest(dataTable, columns, provider, 10) where i have added the columns to a

Re: Dataview linkedline

2010-05-27 Thread midikem
Hi again, i am a little bit confused. columns.add(new AbstractColumnTest(null, null) { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; public void populateItem(ItemICellPopulatorTest item, String componentId, IModelTest model) { item.add(new LinkTest(componentId, model) {

Dataview linkedline

2010-05-26 Thread midikem
Hi, I want to be able to select a line in my dataview and onClick on the line i want something to happend. My guess is that i use LinkPanel in some way but how do I do it? I have been looking around for a while, but i cant find the answear. Thx. -- View this message in context: