Godaddy shared hosting workaround

2010-08-01 Thread pkcinna
There used to be a workaround for Godaddy shared hosting and Wicket but I cannot find it with Google anymore. Any suggestions for the following Godaddy shared hosting restrictions? 1) Cannot write to file system except /tmp directory. Does wicket attempt to open any files in write mode on

Re: Wicket in Php

2009-05-21 Thread pkcinna
I used quercus for a medium size project and it works great for accessing java packages since its implemented with a java servlet. My experience was the php.ini/configuration is limited and Quercus doesn't implement every method for every native php module. Also not sure about the licensing but

Re: FeedbackPanel custom title Please fix the following:

2009-05-17 Thread pkcinna
Thanks guys. Looks like extending a Panel will be a flexible solution. I have been tesing on Google's app engine but their app server is still having issues with things like date formats... the YUI DateTimeField in wicket rc4 won't run but rc1 will... it looks like its just an issue on the

Re: users, please give us your opinion: what is your take on generics with Wicket

2008-06-05 Thread pkcinna
[x] Should be avoided, I prefer the way 1.3 works. Because sometimes I still run into web servers like websphere 5.x that still depend on jdk 1.4 (also some tomcat 5.5 hosting sites). The beauty of Wicket is its simplicity and adding generics doesn't seem be worth the cost. I like generics