Re: Restarting AjaxLazyLoadingPanel

2009-11-12 Thread rjohara
We are after the same behavior, as well. During the initial page load, the AjaxLazyLoadPanel works great. However, after hiding/showing the image (using an AjaxLink), the panel no longer loads. I tried using the custom ReloadingAjaxLazyPanel, too, and the results were the same as replacing

Re: Adding wicketstuff-scriptaculous dependency

2009-01-15 Thread rjohara
. Could the problem related to this? The error I'm receiving from Maven is: [ERROR] Failed to resolve artifact, possibly due to a repository list that is not appropriately equipped for this artifact's metadata. Thanks, Ryan rjohara wrote: you need to have a scriptaculous dependency in your

Re: PrototipBehaviour problems

2009-01-14 Thread rjohara
you need to have a scriptaculous dependency in your project's pom.xml Thanks for the response. I'm having trouble adding the dependency to my pom.xml. Below is my pom.xml dependency definition: dependency groupIdorg.wicketstuff/groupId