FeedbackPanel Message issues

2011-02-17 Thread sheadley3228
In my current project, I am using the feedbackpanel to display both informational and error messages. When I move to my webpage, i display an informational message. When I perform a Retrieve using PageableListView if no Items are retrieved, I get back a second message. How can I removed the

Re: Unable to update FeedBackPanel within AjaxEventBehavior call

2011-02-15 Thread sheadley3228
fixed. Thanks for the help -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing list archive at

Unable to update FeedBackPanel within AjaxEventBehavior call

2011-02-14 Thread sheadley3228
I am getting the following error in the wicket ajax debug window when trying to update the feedback panel in my result page. ERROR: Wicket.Ajax.Call.processComponent: Component with id [[feedback91]] a was not found while trying to perform markup update. Make sure you called

Re: AjaxCheckBox not Disabling Checkbox on call to onUpdate

2011-02-09 Thread sheadley3228
I have found a solution to my first problem which was Disabling my checkbox. I did it by changing my listView to a RefreshingView and then using AjaxEventBehavior on my checkbox like so: final RefreshingView rv = new RefreshingView(mychanges) { @Override

AjaxCheckBox not Disabling Checkbox on call to onUpdate

2011-02-07 Thread sheadley3228
I have a problem updating my check box on a call to onUpdate of a AjaxCheckBox component. Within my PageableListView populateItem call: AjaxCheckBox ajaxCheck = null; PageableListView userSearchPageView = new PageableListView(mychanges, userSearchResults, RECORDS_PER_PAGE) {

Multiple Button Problem in Wicket

2011-02-02 Thread sheadley3228
Hello All, I have 3 buttons in my form and have read over the documentation concerning multiple buttons but can't get the buttons to work correctly. Here is my Form: public UserVerifyForm(String id) { super(id); add(new Button(retrieveButton) { @Override public void onSubmit()