Modal Window without ajaxTarget

2012-05-16 Thread toytown
I would like to show the modal window without using a AjaxRequestTarget add(newAjaxFallbackLinkVoid(localAreaSelection) { private static final long serialVersionUID = 5507632714061994338L; @Override

Making Autocomplete Form Stateless

2012-03-08 Thread toytown
I am really facing some hard time making Autocomplete Form statless. The problem basically stems from AutoCompleteBehavior which extends AbstractAutoCompleteBehavior which evetually extends AbstractAjaxBehavior. AbstractAjaxBehavior implements IBehaviorListener. I saw in the the Component class

Re: Wicket 1.5.4 - Application crashing on German umlaut characters

2012-02-27 Thread toytown
Thanks. It worked. But strange that such basic settings are not enabled in Tomcat -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing list archive at

Wicket 1.5.4 - Application crashing on German umlaut characters

2012-02-22 Thread toytown
Wicket : 1.5.4 Tomcat : 6.0.28 to 6.0.35 JDK - 1.6 I have a simple search application where I could enter search parameters like city name in a input textbox component. I am using displaying the results in a separate page by passing search criteria as pageparameters.

Re: Stateless and Ajax

2012-02-07 Thread toytown
Hi igor, i certainly do agree that being stateful Wicket can do complex stuff. However, you have to consider the fact that sometimes it is necessary to become stateless (especially in public facing website) where I need the users to be able to bookmark the page . i do not see whats wrong

Google map without GMap2

2011-12-14 Thread toytown
Currently I am using GMap2 but my app needs a Stateless page. So wheneever I add GMap2 panel the page becomes Stateful since GMap2 is a stateful component. I tried to refactor the GMap2 but it seems not to be designed for extensibility as most methods and fields are privat. All I need is a

Re: Google map without GMap2

2011-12-14 Thread toytown
Thanks for a quick reply. To correct a little bit - the method signature should be protected. Also the component are by default stateless . I also refactored getJSinit() method to remove some listeners or behaviours which case the statless nature to change to stateful. This is because the class