Re: Upload/Download FormComponent

2011-02-18 Thread msj121

Not exactly sure what the issue is. You can simply put the components into
panels (or other objects). Meaning make a Download Component, then an Upload
Component separate classes so they can be re-used in the future if you only
want to allow a download form... then put them in one form and decide which
panel to show (each panel holding 2 components). Then the onsubmit method
knows which is showing (since its the same component that decides which to
show) and in theory that is the least amount of code as far as I can

More then that I am not sure what you are asking for I don't consider
myself a seasoned wicketeer though.

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Upload/Download FormComponent

2011-02-16 Thread Antony Webster

I'd like to wrap up some functionality in a nice reusable component but I'm not 
sure how to go about it.

I have a page which has a panel with 2 links : a file download and a 'delete' 
link. If a file, specified in my code, is present on my server, this panel 
permits me to either download it or remove it. On the other hand if the file 
isn't present, an input type=file component is shown permitting the user to 
upload a file. This file will either be renamed so that the 'download' panel 
can detect it or prefixed with some text which would achieve the same result. 
Now this is quite simple to do by switching visibilities etc.. but I need 4 of 
these components within my form. Thus the need to wrap this behaviour up in 
order to reduce the amount of redundant code but I'm not sure how to go about 

I would be most grateful for any suggestions from the more seasoned Wicketeers 
amongst you!