Wicketstuff versions

2010-02-11 Thread Charles Deal
I'm a little confused about the versioning for Wicketstuff. I am currently using inmethod-grid, jquery, and yui. All three projects now have a 1.4-SNAPSHOT and a 1.4.2-SNAPSHOT version and (inmethod-grid and yui both have a 1.4.1 release version). What is the difference between the two SNAPSHOT

Re: Wicketstuff versions

2010-02-11 Thread Jeremy Thomerson
Wicket stuff is a free-for-all with little documentation. I think 1.4.2-SNAPSHOT was accidentally left in the pom after one of the versioned builds (because that's what maven defaults to). But the idea is that wicketstuff-core modules should match Wicket - so 1.4-SNAPSHOT **should** be what it's