Re: AjaxLazyLoadPanel update with target.addComponent

2013-03-18 Thread brazz
found a solution. Here is a class which can be used for every long running interactions for which you have an AjaxRequestTarget available. You can use it instead of AjaxLazyLoadPanel, when creating a new instance of your class is inappropriate. I used the concept of callback script in

AjaxLazyLoadPanel update with target.addComponent

2013-03-08 Thread brazz
Hi, i'm using a Table inside an AjaxLazyLoadPanel. The table should repaint lazy (with busy icon) when i call: target.addComponent(AjaxLazyLoadPanel.this); is this possible somehow? i've read a post that i would have to replace the od AjaxLazyLoadPanel with a new instance, but this would