Re: Static link for stateful page (Wicket 1.3)

2009-12-02 Thread Ryan Crumley
After some thought I have a better description of what I am trying to do: - I would like to have a stateless page that is always accessed via a bookmarkable link. - This page has an iframe whose content is backed by a stateful page that is altered via ajax links. - When the parent page is

Static link for stateful page (Wicket 1.3)

2009-11-30 Thread Ryan Crumley
Hi all, I have an unusual requirement for a stateful page that can be accessed via a static url. To state it another way I would like the same url to always shows the latest state of a page for that session. For example: Operations: 1. Initial Render. url = http://ABC/XYZ 2. User changes the