Re: [xwiki-users] users Digest, Vol 93, Issue 41

2015-04-21 Thread Peter Huisman

Hi Marius,

I am using 6.4.3 and the unmodified LiveTableResults macro. I haven't 
tried this for a simple user since this is a (sub-)wiki that is 
accessible only for Admin and guest (non-registered) users. I will try 
to check this out later today.

Peter schreef op 20-4-2015 om 14:00:

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1. Livetable results for guest users (Peter Huisman)
2. Re: Livetable results for guest users (Marius Dumitru Florea)
3. create new xclass property (TOTOUM NEMKAM, Eva)
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5. Help me again ;) (Maciej Fokt)
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users mailing list

Re: [xwiki-users] Fw : Re: Question about Page type property (and an issue) in a Class (resolved)

2015-04-21 Thread Pascal BASTIEN
FYI, feel free to correct it, modify it, addon it, laughthing about it, etc... 
Thxs again.
Pascal B
  De : Pascal BASTIEN
 À : Marius Dumitru Florea 
Cc : XWiki Users 
 Envoyé le : Vendredi 17 avril 2015 17h53
 Objet : Fw : Re: [xwiki-users] Question about Page type property (and an 
issue) in a Class (resolved)

  I create MyClass/Sheet/Template and in
 another AnotherClass I add a Page type property with:
  - Display Type : select
  - XWiki Class Name: MyClass
  - Id Field Name: doc.fullName
  - Value Field Name :
  My purpose is to
 display a list of page (with MyClass object): this point is
 working well but ...
  I want that the user
 select in my select list: one page OR nothing.

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[xwiki-users] V7, wikis creation, descriptors and wizard issues.

2015-04-21 Thread
Hi all,

In XWiki prior to V6, when creating a new wiki using the Wiki Manager,
we had the choice to provision the wiki or not by choosing Later from
the wizard.

That 'Later' trick was very useful because it was allowing the wiki
descriptor to be created (but not only it, see below) without adding
content to the wiki.

Then, if you wanted to import a wiki (or subwiki) from another xwiki
instance to the new instance using a database dump, you just had to drop
and recreate the just-created database and import the dump.

This is more or less what is explained here Less because
there is no notion of sub-wiki in this doc, but we will cover this in
another thread. The current one being how to bring a solution to my
current issue.

So the wizard trick was useful.

Now in V7 any new wiki is automatically provisioned, no choice on this.

Today we need to import an existing wiki in a older xwiki to a fresh
xwiki v7 farm. We could export the older wiki as XAR but for some
reason, the admin tool's large export tool
 locks after writing 1.7GB (vmassol, is this the other one you suggested
to use ? )
Anyway we get used to db level export so we are working through this thread.

We spend the whole day to turn around the problem in V7 until we got
bored to hell :)

1) if you try to create the descriptor by hand, there is something that
prevent it to be listed in the wikimanager.
2) to turn around 1), we've created a 'dummy' wiki using the UI as the
usual manner, then exported a XAR of the 'dummy' wiki descriptor document.
3) Restore the XAR with option as backup turned on (the last is very
4) So now we got a descriptor for our wiki. There is still no
corresponding database at this point so we create the database and
import the content.
5) now restart xwiki so the database upgrade occurs. Well.
6) Now we indeed run the imported wiki but next we have to upgrade all
the documents package but no wizard is triggered ? Why : the issue at
this point is there is no folder in the
PermDir/jobs/status/distribution/wiki/wikiname which sounds logical
because we created the descriptor by hand throught a XAR import which
doesn't include the process of writing initial status.xml files in

So indeed we're stuck. How do we run the Document Wizard Upgrade at this
point ?


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Re: [xwiki-users] Backup

2015-04-21 Thread D R

did you take a look here?


2015-04-21 12:30 GMT+02:00 Maciej Fokt


 I think my all problems will be resolve if I reinstall XWiki. Since I do
 that i want to make a backup of all my spaces itp.
 Could you tell me how to do that without changing something in code?

 users mailing list

users mailing list

[xwiki-users] XAR

2015-04-21 Thread Maciej Fokt


I tried to make a backup of spaces. I made (I think correctly) backup of  
one of space... and I deleted this space. Now I can't import this backup  
.xar file... Why?!

File weight: 16.9 MB

Please tell me why..

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