Re: [xwiki-users] Clear them all! :p

2015-04-27 Thread Maciej Fokt
Ok ;) but now all my troubles aren't important. I reinstalled XWiki :) It  
was a good choice. All bugs disappeared.

Big thanks for all of you for help!
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Re: [xwiki-users] XWIKI 7.01

2015-04-27 Thread

We don’t plan to release a 7.0.1, since we usually only release bug fixes for 
LTS releases (see 

However the changes are already in 7.1M1 which is going to be released around 
4th of May 2015.  


On 27 Apr 2015 at 09:06:15, ICLED 

 10 days ago you released 6.4.4 we a few important bug fixes. I now want to
 switch from 5.2.1 to 7.0, but I am waiting for the fixes in 6.4.4 to be
 included in 7.0. When do you plan to release 7.0.1? And many thanks for an
 excellent product!

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Re: [xwiki-users] Clear them all! :p

2015-04-27 Thread Eduard Moraru
Hi Maciek,

My impression is that you dived directly into XWiki without first
understanding the idea behind it. That is OK, as long as you accept your

Right now we don`t have a wiki version, so you can not say I rolled back
my wiki to 1.1 version. What you actually did was to rollback a couple of
pages (you decided which).

In XWiki, a page can contain actual content and/or objects (which could
also store settings for some applications or XWiki itself). The main page
for XWiki settings is XWiki.XWikiPreferences, as Caty already mentioned.
If you want to restore/rollback settings, you need to do it for the
applications you are interested in, but it's your choice. There is no
restore everything to initial settings magic button.

XWiki can not protect you from yourself. If you randomly press delete
buttons and confirm without looking, your data will be lost.

If you can not administrate XWiki right now, it sounds like you have
badly edited/deleted the rights objects inside the XWiki.XWikiPreferences
page. One solution for you would be to enable the superadmin backup user,
log in with it and go to administration and fix the rights. You can find
details how to enable this user in the AdminGuide [1].

Also, as a general suggestion, please try to spend a respectful amount of
time when formulating your question and do not assume people can read your
mind and know what it is that you are talking about. As a good exercise,
put yourself in the shoes of a person reading your email, with no previous
knowledge, and try to understand what you wrote and determine if it makes
sense of if it contradicts itself.

Of course, suggestions for improvements are more than welcomed. Without
these suggestions, we do whatever we consider is best at the time and
whatever we can do with our limited resources.



On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 12:51 PM, Maciej Fokt


 Ok... I rolled back my wiki to 1.1 version and now... I can't administrate
 XWiki. I haven't options to change something. It's what I said (XWiki is
 difficult for no computer users). Deleting or rollback is easy but restore
 last settings is quite hard. I've lost half of spaces while I've been
 trying to make a backup. Now i can't import this back up files... I have
 nothing ;)

 Please don't compare me with XWiki rebel :p XWiki is a great tool but you

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[xwiki-users] XWIKI 7.01

2015-04-27 Thread ICLED
10 days ago you released 6.4.4 we a few important bug fixes. I now want to
switch from 5.2.1 to 7.0, but I am waiting for the fixes in 6.4.4 to be
included in 7.0. When do you plan to release 7.0.1? And many thanks for an
excellent product!

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[xwiki-users] Stéphane LASSIRE est en congés.

2015-04-27 Thread Stéphane LASSIRE

Je serai absent(e) à partir du  25/04/2015 de retour le 04/05/2015.

je suis en congés.
Je répondrai à vos messages dès mon retour.
En cas de problème technique, veuillez contacter SYNOX au 05 67 34 66 56.

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[xwiki-users] SSL on Tomcat 7 Xwiki

2015-04-27 Thread Niko B.

I am trying to setup SSL/TLS on xwiki running tomcat7. I am trying to find
the tomcat conf file and the java directory but they dont seem to be in the
default location. Since we are running tomcat, the ssl certificate would
have to be in tomcat correct? Would this be easier in Jetty? Does anyone
have instructions on how to setup SSL/TLS on xwiki or can someone point me
in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: [xwiki-users] How to Add WYSIWIG toolbar button

2015-04-27 Thread Marius Dumitru Florea
On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 7:27 PM, Mahomed Hussein wrote:

 I have a problem where users want to highlight text in the WYSIWIG editor and 
 press a button on the toolbar to automatically add the {{code}}, {{warning}} 
 etc. start and end tags to the text. I know how to add a macro button and to 
 style it. But the problem with the macro is that it pops up a form with a 
 text area that you then need to fill in with text you want to put inside the 
 tags. The behaviour I am looking for is similar to highlighting text and then 
 pressing the Bold button on the toolbar.

 I have done some digging/searching/googling and found the simpledittoolbar.vm 
 and I’ve customised this and added the copy to my skin. I have added the 
 following code in the relevant sections and it works perfectly when I click 
 EditWiki but it doesn’t show on the toolbar when I click EditWYSIWIG. I am 
 running XWiki 7.0

simpledittoolbar.vm affects only the wiki editor.

 #set($discard = $syntax10Elements.add(['code', '{{code}}', '{{/code}}', 
 #set($discard = $syntax20Elements.add(['code', '{{code}}', '{{/code}}', 
 #set($discard = $confluence10Elements.add(['code', '{{code}}', '{{/code}}', 

 So any idea how I can make the button show on the WYSIWIG toolbar? 
 Alternatively how do I make the macro execute on the highlighted text?

It's not simple. You have two options:

(1) Put a button on the toolbar with something like
then listen on click and use
#getSelectionRange() to access the selected text and then
#getCommandManager() to
#execute the 'macroInsert' command. The complex part is to understand
the format of the command parameter. You can check

(2) Write a plugin for the WYSIWYG editor from Java, but for this
you'll have to recompile the editor and thus you'll end up with a
custom editor, which is harder to maintain over time and may cause
upgrade headaches.

Hope this helps,

 Thanks in advance.

 Kind regards,


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