Re: [xwiki-users] Slow cache sync with JGroups / S3 in an EC2 cluster

2015-05-08 Thread
Hi there, I don’h have experience using jgroups over s3 but a minute seems really long. When jgroups is used on a local network it’s instantaneous, there delay is so small that it’s unnoticeable. Are there any recommendations on how to speed up cache-sync time between XWiki hosts on a

Re: [xwiki-users] Fwd: null pointer exception in JspWikiImporter

2015-05-08 Thread
Hi, I don’t know anything about this code snippet provided by a contributor but I can tell you why the NPE happens. This code seems to be calling Utils.getContextComponentManager() before calling Utils.setComponentManager(…) to set the component manager to use. note that this code is really

Re: [xwiki-users] Printing pages as displayed

2015-05-08 Thread Mahomed Hussein
Thanks for this. The power of xwiki and the great job the developers/contributors have done never ceases to amaze me! I love it :) Kind regards, Mahomed -Original Message- From: users [] On Behalf Of Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) Sent: 07 May 2015 13:29

[xwiki-users] Configuration setting to force reading from database?

2015-05-08 Thread Debajit Adhikary
Is there a configuration setting to force all hosts in a cluster to read from the database (instead of reading from the cache) each time a wiki page is requested? ___ users mailing list