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2015-07-20 Thread [IDIS Technical Secretariat] Ricardo Rodríguez
Hi Mbas! I started to write this message weeks ago, and only now find time
enough to finish and send it. I hope it still makes some sense for you
or/and anybody else.

I'm afraid, as usual, I've not an easy answer for your question but I am,
and I'm also sure many others, interested in how you are going to face the
process. Migration is always a hard task as, very frequently, plain old
wikis are full with ad hoc not easily replaceable/migrable solutions.

Some years ago XWiki guys helped me to move a 1.x XWiki installation to a
XWiki Enterprise 2.4.30451 server and, since 7.x appeared, I've a peding
upgrade from that 2.4.30451 to a new 7.x server.

During the last months I've been documenting the process to upgrade within
the 7.x series, and now I feel more or less confortable with it.

Here some notes I would like to share even thought they are still kind of a

I'm not sure if I'll be able to move to parameters all variable items and
construct a script, but I'll keep trying!

Also, I'm afraid any migration/upgrade process is very related with the
RDBMS, the application server and the web server (if any) of each
installation. My take now is that in a XWiki migration from an old version
to a brand new installation we have to design/follow a strategy more than
expect to have a fully equivalent upgraded installation.

For instance, I would like to:

1) As users and groups are the core of the system, I would like to move
my old XWiki community, the one installed in the 2.4.30451 server, to the
brand new 7.x box, get all users authenticating in the 7.x box and having
access with this login to the legacy 2.4.30451 box.
2) Once I get this done, I'll frozen my 2.4.30451 community and only allow
it to growth in the 7.x installation.
3) Contents will be exported/migrated on a per-demand/per-opportunity

While 2) and 3) are easily implementable, I''ve no idea about how to reach
1). Any comment, criticism or idea will be more than welcome!

Thanks in advance,


On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 3:42 PM, mbapoa poamba wrote:


 Im trying to upgrade from xwiki 4.2 to 7.
 I already installed xwiki 7 and postgres in another server for testing
 purposes since Im new with xwiki. I adjusted the settings and started
 postgres. Xwiki 7 is working fine. Although I think its a bit slow (I
 installed in a virtual server, maybe thats it?).

 My main question is how to import all the old content to the new xwiki?
 I have a postgres dump of 11GB from the old xwiki. Should I use it in the
 new xwiki? If so, how?
 Is it the best way considering how far the versions are?

 Thanks in advance!
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Ricardo Rodríguez
Research Management and Promotion Technician
Technical Secretariat
Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS)
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Is there a convenient way to install XWiki Platform without all the extra 
Enterprise Wiki packages? I'm wanting to run an instance for a specific 
project, and  I'd prefer not to distract users with all the wiki-related 
elements. I'm running Ubuntu and there only appears to be xwiki-enterprise deb 
package available.


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