[xwiki-users] Error upgrading Debian

2016-05-28 Thread Gmail-ucebex
Hello, Just to share, got the same problem after upgrading two from my xwiki from 7.x to 8..1 Since 24/05/2016 with xwiki 8.1 java runtime Java is 8 (before 7). To solve it fast : vi /etc/apt/sources.list Just add : deb http:~/~/ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/

Re: [xwiki-users] xWiki 8.1 ignoring custom skin

2016-05-28 Thread Mahomed Hussein
Hi All OK, I've done a bit more "digging/experimenting". What I have done now: 1) Deleted the "Skin" documents in Main and in Xwiki "spaces/pages" (p.s. I miss the spaces concept :) ) - This doesn't really seem to do a good job of deleting the pages. There seems to be a "blank" placeholder for