Re: [xwiki-users] Rename/move space in subwiki does not update links

2016-11-15 Thread helged
Thanks for your answer. At least it confirms that it should work. Unfortunately it does not when renaming occurs in a subwiki. Links are basic internal xwiki syntax document links. They all remain unchanged. In the main wiki it works as expected. /helge -- View this message in context:

[xwiki-users] Rename/move space in subwiki does not update links

2016-11-14 Thread helged
Hi! I just discovered an issue with renaming a space in a subwiki. Whenever I rename a space in the main wiki the links are modified to reflect the new space name - even links in subpages of the space are modified. But when I rename a space in a subwiki the links are not modified and still points

Re: [xwiki-users] Xwiki replace " " with "+" on title

2016-06-20 Thread helged
Just experienced the same problem today when migrating a XWiki Enterprise 8.0 instance to a new Linux server (was running 8.0.33 on Windows). Downgraded the Linux Tomcat 8.0.35 to 8.0.33 and the problem went away. Same problem confirmed with Tomcat 8.5.3. It seems there are some major issues