Re: [xwiki-users] XWiki Vs. MediaWiki

2008-01-26 Thread ossi petz
hello well from time to time the gives an answer. i would argue it is first of all a personal opinion. one will find multiple wikis that do the job. but only one with a better acceptance than others. in addition it depends into what environment you want to put your

[xwiki-users] instalation trouble for xwiki enterprise 1.1

2008-03-14 Thread ossi petz
hallo hopefully this question is not too stupid. i planned to install xwiki enterprise manager 1.1 on tomcat 5.5 (java 1.5). i copied the war file and set up the database / hibernate.cfg. the db connection seems to work (same config used for another xwiki test). when i open the url in the