Re: [xwiki-users] XWiki Vs. MediaWiki

2008-01-26 Thread ossi petz

well from time to time the gives an answer.

i would argue it is first of all a personal opinion. one will find 
multiple wikis that do the job. but only one with a better acceptance 
than others.

in addition it depends into what environment you want to put your wiki 
in. if a lot of things are php based your're better off with media wiki. 
integration into other tools will be easier.
if youre java based xwiki will win the competition. even if php / java 
integration is possible it will be more work.

also mediawiki is not the ultimate solution. the acl capabilities are 
rudimentary. its very unstructured. categories dont help. but it is the 
perfect solution for wikipedia and a lot of other sites. but it is not 
perfect for manuals for software or software projects.

the purpose of xwiki is different (or seems different for me).



Kamna Jain schrieb:
 Hello again,
 Thanks a lot for the reply to my request Vincent.
 I am further encouraged to start using XWiki because of such good 
 participation from all.
 Since, I have just started looking at it, I am also concerned about the 
 issues llike how is XWiki different from MediaWiki.
 Why should one choose to use XWiki if there exists a wiki that has been 
 around for a while- like the mediawiki.
 No offense meant. I know that this is a second generation wiki and is 
 possibly the best among all of its kind, but, I am just trying to 
 justify myself for choosing XWiki over others :)
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[xwiki-users] instalation trouble for xwiki enterprise 1.1

2008-03-14 Thread ossi petz

hopefully this question is not too stupid.

i planned to install xwiki enterprise manager 1.1 on tomcat 5.5 (java 
1.5). i copied the war file and set up the database / hibernate.cfg. the 
db connection seems to work (same config used for another xwiki test).

when i open the url in the browser i get redirected to:
(which makes no sense, tomcat runs on 8080 on the server)

i found this is configured in WEB-INF but i am not sure what would be 
the correct value.

also the xwiki.log file is not found / does not exist. so i either 
forgot to add the log configs or they are missing?

i found some links on like but all 
of them point to nowhere. the documentation link on opens in a new window.

so i am a little stuck here. am i doing something wrong completely? 
(xwki-enterprise-manager comes with xwiki? it does not need it?)

any help, hints or doc links would be great!

thanks a lot


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