[xwiki-users] Importing the default xar

2008-12-17 Thread Chad Gorshing


I have an installation of xwiki enterprise which was on 1.2 and I have just 
completed the upgrade to 1.7.

The steps I performed for the upgrade are as follows (I'm going to leave out 
steps which I feel are not pertinent to my question):
1 created MySQL schema and applied user rights
2 stood up the new wiki and pointed it to the MySQL DB
3 imported xwiki-enterprise-wiki-1.7.xar in the new wiki
4 exported all content from the old wiki (1.2) to a xar
5 I had to break up the xar into a few chucks so the import would work
6 imported _all_ content along with history into the new wiki

I was then able to log in and everything seemed fine.

My question is did I overwrite anything the xwiki-enterprise-wiki-1.7.xar 
provides?  I am wondering if by doing step 6 that I overrode things that I 
should not have, I imported everything even the Xwiki items.

If I did overwrite some items, would it be best to re-import 
xwiki-enterprise-wiki-1.7.xar and be more selective on what to import?


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[xwiki-users] Upgrading XWiki Enterprise From 1.2.2 to 1.6.1

2008-11-25 Thread Chad Gorshing


I am need to upgrade an installation of XWiki from 1.2.2 to the latest 
(currently 1.6.1) and I am trying to put together an attack plan.  Should I 
attempt an upgrade all the way to 1.6.1 in one fell swoop or should I upgrade 
to 1.3.2 - 1.4.1 ...etc.  Do I need to upgrade the XAR for every release or 
just once?

I am using hsqldb as my database, but after getting everything upgraded 
correctly, I will be moving the database to MySQL.

I have searched the archives but I haven't found anything more recent and also 
dealing with wide range of upgrading I need to do.


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