Re: [xwiki-users] Comments and attachments in a xwiki page

2008-01-21 Thread Sachn Mittal
yes currently I am modifying the skin. The extension you have talked about would also work once released. Thanks Sachin vmassol wrote: Thanks for the link. I meant was that there is a panel named Shortcuts which has both Comments and Attachments section that can be placed either

[xwiki-users] Comments and attachments in a xwiki page

2008-01-18 Thread Sachn Mittal
Hi, I see that any page we create in xwiki has a comments and attachment section attached below the contents. Is there any way to configure it to not show up. I can do this by modifying the velocity template, but wanted it as part of configuration setting. Another thing I notice is that Comments

Re: [xwiki-users] Documentation?

2007-12-19 Thread Sachn Mittal
many of the old links have been broken or moved to other sub wikis. saying the old has now been moved to is not correct as some of the links have been moved to I think on main page of all the sub wikis should be listed mentioning what each

[xwiki-users] Help with initial xwiki configuration

2007-12-04 Thread Sachn Mittal
Hi, I downloaded the installed the xwiki war manually. war: db: mysql 5.x tomcat: 5.x os: windows xp. all went fine and as a concluding step imported and installed the defautl xar: After this when I login as Admin and go to