Re: [xwiki-users] Comments and attachments in a xwiki page

2008-01-21 Thread Sachn Mittal

yes currently I am modifying the skin.

The extension you have talked about would also work once released.


vmassol wrote:

 Thanks for the link.

 I meant was that there is a panel named Shortcuts which has both  
 and Attachments section that can be placed either on left or right.  
 If we
 had a bottom layout then we could have placed it there too.
 But placing panels in a bottom layout doesn't mean much IMO. Panels  
 are not meant to have a reduced vertical size. I think what you wanted  
 is not Panels in the current sense but extension points in the skin to  
 be able to add/modify content anywhere.
 This is the UI extension design we've been discussing for some time on  
 the dev mailing list. It's planned for the future but no hard date has  
 been set.
 BTW you could still achieve this right today using some javascript.  
 Exactly like what is done by Greasemonkey
 ). Of course it's even easier to just modify the skin... ;)

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[xwiki-users] Comments and attachments in a xwiki page

2008-01-18 Thread Sachn Mittal

I see that any page we create in xwiki has a comments and attachment section
attached below the contents.
Is there any way to configure it to not show up.
I can do this by modifying the velocity template, but wanted it as part of
configuration setting.
Another thing I notice is that Comments and attachments section is part of a
panel in the panel application.
So one can always add it to left or right pane, thus it does not make much
sense to have it (by default) below every page.

Lastly I see that in panels application we can configure the left and right
panes. There should also be an option to configure top and bottom so as to
complete a border layout. Thus tomorrow we can move this comments and
attachments section in the bottom (for whatever spaces we need).

Let me know you suggestions on these.


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Re: [xwiki-users] Documentation?

2007-12-19 Thread Sachn Mittal

many of the old links have been broken or moved to other sub wikis.
saying the old has now been moved to is not
correct as some of the links have been moved to

I think on main page of all the sub wikis should be listed
mentioning what each is used for.
each sub wiki should have its own quick links sections on the right.
also I see that in some sub wiki the links on the right pane points to the
another sub wiki.
Like enterprise as links to platform etc ..

I think we need much better organization then we have at present.


vmassol wrote:
 I'm curious to know. Do others have this issue finding documentation  
 On Dec 19, 2007, at 12:11 PM, Thomas Mortagne wrote:

 You can find documentation by product using the XWiki Ecosystem  

 For example if you search XWiki Enterprise documentation you click on
 XWiki Enterprise that go to where you find a
 Quick Links panel containing documentation.for XE.

 2007/12/19, Esbach, Brandon [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

 Hi all,

 Probably missing the link somewhere, but I can't seem to find any  
 links for
 the documentation on the site?

 Brandon Esbach
 Software Engineer
 Wireless Systems Segment
 Tyco Electronics
 4 Eastgate Road
 Little Island
 Co. Cork
 Tel: +353-21-4808305
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 Thomas Mortagne
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[xwiki-users] Help with initial xwiki configuration

2007-12-04 Thread Sachn Mittal

I downloaded the installed the xwiki war manually.
db: mysql 5.x
tomcat: 5.x
os: windows xp.

all went fine and as a concluding step imported and installed the defautl

After this when I login as Admin and go to preferences page I get the
following message:


This object is currently locked by XWikiGuest
Click here to force editing

I anyway continue by clicking the link and then after I make some
modification and save preferences I get this huge stack trace: (part pasted)
Caused by: com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiException: Error number 3003 in 3: Exception
while manipulating the archive for doc 
Wrapped Exception: Parse error at line 1, column 102.  Encountered: Mittal
... 53 more

This seems some know issue and xwiki has issued a FixRCS.xar as a fix to
this issue

I imported this file and installed it and followed the steps on the page

Then I get the following error:
com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiException: Error number 3212 in 3: Exception while
loading archive -1,991,671,769 Wrapped Exception: exception setting property
value with CGLIB (set hibernate.cglib.use_reflection_optimizer=false for
more info) setter of com.xpn.xwiki.doc.XWikiDocumentArchive.setArchive

Any idea where am I going wrong.
Was my default application right (I had downloaded it from the
FixRCS.xar was found on the jira site as an attachment, is the version of
this file correct.
I am attaching this for reference.

Sachin FixRCS.xar 
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