REST DSL in conjunction with VM component?

2020-02-03 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Dear community, I wonder whether the VM component will be a good practice to define functional consumer endpoints for a REST definition in another Camel Context? Background .. I‘d like to decouple an API implementation from the API definition. Any hints are welcome. Sent by my mobile device -

Re: REST API - Basic Authentication?

2020-02-04 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Tx JB. At the moment I decided to register a servlet to re-use the global Jetty configuration. So where I can find the filter stuff? For best practices .. 1. better to use servlet or camel-jetty? 2. one servlet for multiple APIs or one dedicated servlet for every API? Best - Gerald > Am

Re: Feature camel-activemq causes an runtime error starting the activemq-broker (twice)

2020-01-12 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Hi JB, tx for the comprehensive reply. Within the Camel documentation I read that the activemq component is optimized for ActiveMQ. So what does that mean and where are the differences between the activemq and the camel-jms component? What does the jms component provide? Sent by my mobile

Monitor Route Deployment Success

2020-01-14 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Dear community, I‘m searching for best practices and recommendations how to monitor the deployment success/failure of a Camel route (Blueprint DSL). Best would be finally to get some events that could trigger another (monitoring) Route. Any hints and tips are welcome. Best - Gerald

Camel 3.0.0 HTTP Basic auth parameters

2020-01-20 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Dear community, I'm trying to setup the HTTP Basic auth with authMethod, authUsername and authPassword options and getting an HTTP 401 error. When I'm going to Base64 encode the auth information within the "Authorization" header it works. Any help is appreciated. Best - Gerald

Re: Parsing JSON within the Camel Velocity component template?

2020-01-07 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Tx for the reply. I tried this already, but the question still remains how to access the single attributes of the JSON tree inside Velocity component. Best - Gerald Am 07.01.2020 um 12:45 schrieb Mantas Gridinas : > > Why not use unmarshall EIP before passing the body to velocity > template?

Re: Simple language evaluation camel 3.0.1

2020-05-01 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Hi Victor, the parameter has been changed to „name“ in Camel 3.x. Sent by my mobile device - Gerald Kallas > Am 02.05.2020 um 05:28 schrieb Vikas Jaiswal : > > I am trying to use simple and have the following in spring xml: > > "header? contains 'HeaderName' and header.HeaderName = >

Re: add/remove JAAS users and roles within a Camel route?

2020-05-21 Thread Gerald Kallas -
Yes, that’s quite clear. I wonder if there is an access to the OSGi CLI commands jaas:* from a Camel route directly. At the moment I‘m using camel-exec with the karaf client. Sent by my mobile device - Gerald Kallas > Am 21.05.2020 um 19:42 schrieb Alex Soto : > > One way to do this is to