Re: [libreoffice-users] Small OOoBean on Ubuntu

2020-11-28 Thread Mike Flannigan
I didn't do much research, but 10 years ago people were saying it was dead: I don't know if it revived since then. Mike I have successfully embedded libraOffice into our Java application using the OOoBean

Re: [libreoffice-users] Calc how to display Autofilter values?

2021-06-09 Thread Mike Flannigan
See this: You can use Ctrl-z to undo the command, but don't use Ctrl-Shift-y to redo it on another column.  You must go through the command again on another column and then do

Re: [libreoffice-users] Calc how to display Autofilter values?

2021-06-13 Thread Mike Flannigan
pictures along with an explanation of the problem and solution. That's what I'd like to reproduce in Calc. On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 6:49 AM Mike Flannigan <>> wrote: See this:

[libreoffice-users] Calc: Formatting cell with decimal point but no decimal digits

2021-05-10 Thread Mike Flannigan
Type locale in a terminal.  What locale are you? I am 'en_US'. This works for me: Type 123.45 in a cell Highlight the cell Format - Cells - 'Numbers' tab - Make 'Decimal places:' under Options zero (0). Mike On 5/10/21 1:04 AM, wrote: Hi list, I'd like

Re: [libreoffice-users] Polish diacritical marks

2021-02-09 Thread Mike Flannigan
Thanks for the notice.  Consider filing a bug report: It's certainly not easy, and I'm not sure I would do it, but perhaps you are interested. Mike On 2/8/21 4:06 PM, wrote: Hi, I have found that LO ver.

Re: [libreoffice-users] Updates change my spreadsheet row sizes

2021-02-14 Thread Mike Flannigan
This is the right place.  I suggest you record the width of your columns now, and then again after the next update to confirm they are changing in width. Mike I hope this is the right group. After every LibreOffice update I have to fiddle with my calc rows to get them to scroll right.  Is

[libreoffice-users] Re: Adapting row height is slow

2021-08-01 Thread Mike Flannigan
How do you view the progress and activities during the opening of a large file? Mike On 7/30/21 11:05 AM, wrote: When loading and, sometimes, editing it appears to take longer "Adapting row height" than the rest of the processing put together. -- To

Re: [libreoffice-users] Re: Adapting row height is slow

2021-08-04 Thread Mike Flannigan
eet loading directly. ____ From: Mike Flannigan Sent: Sunday, August 1, 2021 6:42 AM How do you view the progress and activities during the opening of a large file? -- To unsubscribe e-mail to: Problems?

Re: [libreoffice-users] Buy/Sell Calculation

2021-10-13 Thread Mike Flannigan
I guess the slave column could be column G. Can't you just copy the $15,25 'buy price' up into cells C:2 to C:9?  Then you can just calc the slave in column G with a consistent formula. Mike On 10/13/21 1:04 AM, wrote: Hello, I have to calculate prices

Re: [libreoffice-users] RE: LibreOffice to LyX

2021-10-05 Thread Mike Flannigan
I haven't dealt with long wordprocessing documents on LO, but I have in MSWord.  And I have seen the exact same whack-a-mole behavior.  Going through the whole document and explicitly setting each section font size and style. Numbered lists seem to cause the most problems. Mike On 10/4/21

Re: [libreoffice-users] Nabble users list down?

2021-07-23 Thread Mike Flannigan
I just read that nabble is going to be history. Lets see - here you go: Mike On 7/22/21 3:06 AM, wrote: Subject: [libreoffice-users] Nabble users list down? From: Date: 7/21/21,

[libreoffice-users] Extracting content out of table format received in an email

2022-02-23 Thread Mike Flannigan
Try pasting into a text file and then copying from the text file.  Sometimes that works for me. There are more elegant ways of doing the same thing, but it usually involves writing a Perl script. Mike On 2/23/22 02:09, wrote: Do you ever receive emails of

Re: [libreoffice-users] Calc function COUNTA

2022-06-26 Thread Mike Flannigan
That is no surprise to me. ISBLANK=0 is non-sensical and returns "#NAME?".  COUNTA counts that as a non-empty value.  All is good. Mike On 6/25/22 15:05, wrote: Subject: [libreoffice-users] Calc function COUNTA From: Harvey Nimmo Date: 6/25/22, 14:41 To:

Re: [libreoffice-users] Nested Drop-down List

2022-05-21 Thread Mike Flannigan
Are you familiar with Auto Filter? Highlight all column headers and all the data below - then select Data - Autofilter. Is that what you want? You can set multiple filter criteria in the column header drop-downs. Select Data - Autofilter again to turn it off, if you want it off. Mike On

[libreoffice-users] Re: Adding Videos to Impress Presentation Not Possible

2022-05-07 Thread Mike Flannigan
With mine I need to do Insert - Audio or Video. Then it places the video on the slide, but I have no way to play it. So inserting an image works fine, but not a video. Mike On 5/6/22 23:08, wrote: Subject: