Re: [OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS Dispatcher Module - Performance Testing

2019-08-15 Thread Alexey Kazantsev via Users

isn't it better to consider something from these modules:



BR, Alexey
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Re: [OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS Dispatcher Module - Performance Testing

2019-08-15 Thread David Villasmil

Though you could use dialplan+dispatcher to do that, that would mean
querying the dB every time you get call. You’d match the incoming DID with
a group id in the dialplan table, and use that gid to load-balance to the
gateways via the diaspatcher module.

I’d recommend using a db_cache  and query the DID/gateway assignment there
where you have the DIDs assigned to a gid. Something like DID:GID

You get back the GID and use THAT to load-balance to the group is gateways.

Hope that helps.


On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 at 16:45, Steve Kumar  wrote:

> Hi,
> We are thinking to use a dispatcher module for inbound call routing. When
> inbound call will come we will match the DID with the DID present in
> attribute column of dispatcher table and will route the call to specific
> FreePBX instance.
> The only concern is that we have around 12000 DID and there will be around
> 12000 rows in that table. So we were thinking that would it be a
> performance degradation or no? Dispatcher module can handle all that DID's
> and we only have around 150 PBX IP's, which means many DID's can be pointed
> to single PBX IP.
> Want advice from experts on this topic.
> Thanks and regards
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