Re: [strongSwan] Handling of outgoing packets when CHILD_SA is rekeyed

2009-09-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, When a CHILD_SA is rekeyed, there is a time when SAD will have two SA entries corresponding to the CHILD_SA that is rekeyed. Yes, you'll have two overlapping CHILD_SAs during rekeying. how do we know which SA Entry is to be used out of the 2 Entries. The kernel usually uses the newer SA

Re: [strongSwan] IPv4 only and minimal kernel modules

2009-09-02 Thread Dimitrios Siganos
Martin Willi wrote: It seems that if I remove all of the Ipv6 modules the IPsec doesn't work Make sure to have at least a 2.6.29 kernel, apply the kernel patch [1] or use the workaround patch for strongSwan (attached, breaks mixed v4/v6 tunnels). Regards Martin

[strongSwan] strongswan + redhat

2009-09-02 Thread Johannes Ru├ček
Hello list, I'm happy to report that RHEL 5.4 finally ships a fixed kernel so that the issue with strongswan and especially DPD and ipsec status are gone. Johannes ___ Users mailing list

[strongSwan] Kernel NETKEY issue with charon

2009-09-02 Thread ServerAlex
Hello, I'm currently installing strongSwan on an embedded internet router. I loaded all necessary modules before running ipsec start. After ipsec start (charon only) these ipsec-related modules are loaded (manually or by ipsec start): Module Size Used byTainted: P deflate

[strongSwan] does strongSwan support Solaris

2009-09-02 Thread Zhang, Long (Roger)
Hi, I see strongSwan has been ported to support FreeBSD, seems like it is not supported on Solaris. Is there a plan to port it to Solaris? Thanks, Roger ___ Users mailing list