Re: [strongSwan] received netlink error: Invalid argument (22)

2008-12-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, carol# ipsec up home received TS_UNACCEPTABLE notify, no CHILD_SA built Carol proposes leftsubnet= rightsubnet= , but moon accepts leftsubnet= only. Not defining a subnet results in a host2host tunnel. Do you really want

Re: [strongSwan] [patch] add missing include

2008-12-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Thomas, attached patch fixes a small compile error of struct tm not being defined. Applied to [4733], thanks. Best regards Martin ___ Users mailing list

Re: [strongSwan] Strongswan Protocol not supported

2008-12-04 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I think the right place to fix this is in the kernel, I'll try to push a patch upstream. My kernel patch [1] is in net-next and will be included in 2.6.29. Regards Martin [1]

Re: [strongSwan] deactivate installing of virtual ip addr

2008-12-04 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Could you please let me know if it is possible to deactivate in strongswan the automatically adding of virtual IP address of roadwarriors to the physical ethernet interface? Why do you request a virtual IP if you don't want to use one? IKE_SA con.2[2] established between [EMAIL

Re: [strongSwan] 4.2.10rc11 MOBIKE replies an empty INFO-RSP for a COOKIE2 check.

2008-12-16 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, 11[ENC] parsed INFORMATIONAL request 0 [ N(COOKIE2) ] 11[ENC] generating INFORMATIONAL response 0 [ ] --- replies an empty INFO-RSP, is this right? No, it should reply with the same COOKIE2. And it actually does so in my tests. I did some fixes for COOKIE2 support recently, but these

Re: [strongSwan] ikev2 split authentication - DoS?

2008-12-17 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I use the split authentication of ikev2 (client with psk, gateway with cert) Keep in mind to use such a setup only with strong secrets. PSK client authentication is subject to dictionary attacks, don't use it with simple passwords. in the split modus it is for an attacker also possible

Re: [strongSwan] Weak uniqueness policy in charon

2008-12-17 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I'll have a look what's the best approach to implement a fix. A patch is gone into SVN, see [1]. This should fix a potential DoS attack scenario on the pool. However, there is still no guarantee for this uniqueness check. A peer can still set up multiple IKE_SAs at the same time, but

Re: [strongSwan] MOBIKE NAT traversal

2008-12-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Simo, [1] My patch introduced a bug and therefore has been reverted upstream. Additionally, there are some doubts if encapsulated packets should be processed if it is not explicitly enabled in the SA. You might join the

Re: [strongSwan] Could this case about MOBIKE with NAT-T work?

2008-12-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, [linux-strongswan-MOBIKE] -[ Router ]--[ IKEv2-box with MOBIKE] 1), NAT is disabled first; IKEv2 negotiation without NAT being found between strongswan and the IKEv2-box is OK; 3), Enable the NAT functionality( strongswan is in private net ) on the router; I don't think

Re: [strongSwan] udp encapsulation

2008-12-30 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, If in the IKE_AUTH exchange the peers examine a NAT system. NAT situations are detected in the IKE_SA_INIT exchange. Is the information to encapsulation packets in UDP safed in the SAD like the other values (keys, tunnel destination,...)? Yes. Encap status is shown in ipsec statusall

Re: [strongSwan] charon send too short a nonce for PRF HMAC-SHA2-512

2008-12-31 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, noticed that it uses too short a nonce for PRF HMAC-SHA2-384 and HMAC-SHA2-512 in the IKE_SA_INIT exchange Yes, this is true. I already had this on my TODO list, but didn't look at it in detail yet. I notice charon is hardwired to use a 16 byte nonce which pretty much restricts it to

Re: [strongSwan] Best way to automatically restart IPsec connections

2009-01-05 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, From my reading about DPD, it looks like DPD only tries to bring the connection back for some amount of time right after the connection is lost. I am looking for a way to continuously try to make certain that the IPsec connections are up, even if it is days or weeks since the loss of

Re: [strongSwan] IKEv2 - EAP - AUTH failed but still establishes CHILD_SA

2009-03-04 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Is it a normal behaviour? No, this is a known bug an has been fixed [1] in 4.2.12. Or is it a real problem? As the client is authenticated using EAP and the MSK is only a side effect, this should not affect security. The bug was really a bad one, but can not be used for attacks.

Re: [strongSwan] GNOME NetworkManager

2009-03-11 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, However, after a second the resolv.conf will be modified again, and the DNS settings provided from strongSwan gateway disappears. Can anyone on the list give me a hint, what is going wrong here? NetworkManager does not allow another application to modify resolv.conf, it overwrites the

Re: [strongSwan] Low-Prio Feature Request libstrongswan plugin twofish

2009-03-13 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, It would be nice to use twofish with charon as an alternative to aes for IKEv2. The problem is that Twofish is currently not defined in IKEv2 [1] (btw. Blowfish is, and it is supported using the OpenSSL plugin). We would have to implement Twofish as a vendor specific extension. Regards

Re: [strongSwan] Problems building strongswan on sles10

2009-03-24 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I have still problems building strongswan on sles10sp2 with kernel The problem persists since the last three versions of strongswan. A workaround is to change in strongswan sources with /usr/share/libtool/ Do you use the ./configure script shipped

Re: [strongSwan] [patch] Start charon/pluto only if they were built

2009-03-24 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, attached is a patch to start charon/pluto only if they were built. Applied in a slightly modified version [1] to trunk, thanks! Regards, Martin [1] ___ Users mailing list

Re: [strongSwan] apidoc

2009-04-06 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, can i get whole links of /apidoc ( in one folder or something like that. There is a make target that allows you to build the apidoc from sources. Running make apidoc in configured sources will build the apidoc folder (you'll need Doxygen installed). Regards

Re: [strongSwan] mobike

2009-04-06 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Apr 6 08:36:57 csp-laptop charon: 17[IKE] requesting address change using MOBIKE Apr 6 08:36:57 csp-laptop charon: 17[ENC] generating INFORMATIONAL request 2 [ ] Apr 6 08:36:57 csp-laptop charon: 17[IKE] checking path[4500] -[4500] Apr 6 08:36:57

Re: [strongSwan] Turn off peer certificate verification

2009-05-06 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Graham, Is there any way to configure the client so that it will either not bother verifying the server, or if it does try to verify and fails, will not care ? No, there is currently no such option. For our application, the server MUST be able to verify the identity of the clients, but

Re: [strongSwan] Windows 7 RC

2009-05-07 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, - checks for Extended Key Usage Flags - requires the DNS name entered as Gateway address to be included in the DN or as subjectAltName It seems that Windows 7 accepts the certificate if it fulfills these requirements. I've added a page with some details to our wiki [1]. There are

Re: [strongSwan] Strongswan 4.2.14 broken on ARM ?

2009-05-18 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Whenever the byte in memory is half-word-aligned, reading it as a uint16 works as expected. The other half of the time, the compiler is adjusting the pointer (back one) to make it half-word-aligned before reading the two bytes as a uint16. Yes, it seems that some ARM CPUs don't like

Re: [strongSwan] no CREATE_CHILD_SA in Strongswan

2009-05-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, What is the command for deleting the created CREATE_CHILD_SA in strongSwan ? To close CHILD_SAs, you can use curly brackets {}. Use ipsec down conn1{} to close the first found CHILD_SA named conn1, or use ipsec down {2} to close the CHILD_SA with reqid 2 (as seen in statusall).

Re: [strongSwan] Some technical questions about strongswan

2009-06-17 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, 1.How do we combine strongswan and the plugin? when we do ./configure it doesn't take this directory into account. First, you'll have to extend the configure script, add an --enable-eap-eke option, set the corresponding USE_EAP_EKE flag and build the Makefile in AC_OUPUT. The easiest way

Re: [strongSwan] Strongswan: Disabling repeated authentication for ikev2.

2009-06-17 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, So why strongswan is always using PFS for ike_sa rekeying? It was optional in RFC4306, but recommended to use. In IKEv2bis it is not optional anymore, the KE payload is required (see [1]). Can i disable that in some way? No, strongSwan does not support IKE_SA rekeying without DH

Re: [strongSwan] MOBIKE break-before-make case

2009-07-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, [...] more precisely break-before-make case. Break-before-make support is currently somewhat limited. While it should work, strongSwan has a rather short timeout before dropping the SA. If it can't update the SA withing 30 seconds or so, the SA gets deleted. Is this case

Re: [strongSwan] problem with traffic selector negotiation

2009-07-07 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, any idea on how to fix it [...] ? I'll try to tweak the code at [2], I think that should be doable. I've updated [1] the matching code to prefer the first traffic selector in the proposed list. This should be sufficient for most cases. Please try if the patch works for your setup.

Re: [strongSwan] [strongswan] -- probem on EAP-AKA authentication case

2009-07-08 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, [...] test case: ikev2/rw-eap-aka-rsa [...] Received MAC does not match XMAC, sending AKA_AUTHENTICATION_REJECT :EAP “Ar3etTnp01qlp0gb Your secret looks (at least in your mail) screwed up. Have you tried a simpler secret without quotes? Try to add a space between :

Re: [strongSwan] Notification message : SINGLE_PAIR_REQUIRED

2009-07-08 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Does strongswan Support SINGLE_PAIR_REQUIRED notification? No, we do not support the SINGLE_PAIR_REQUIRED notify. I don't think there are many scenarios where this is useful. Even IKEv2bis 2.9 says: {{ Clarif-4.11 }} Few implementations will have policies that require separate SAs for

Re: [strongSwan] Trouble running strongSwan as nonRoot

2009-08-03 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Last week I have received a strongSwan update to release 4.3.3 and now I have serious trouble with the new root-privilege dropping features. Was it working with an older version? As of today Gentoo installs strongSwan 4.3.3 with mandatory root-privilege dropping to a non-privileged

Re: [strongSwan] Issue regarding creation of multiple CHILD SA's

2009-08-04 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, 1. Through ipsec.conf, I want to create multiple CHILD SA's under an IKE SA in tunnel mode but I want to give different internal IP's to every CHILD SA. So, how to do this? Internal IPs are actually assigned per IKE_SA, not per CHILD_SA. You could theoretically set up multiple internal

Re: [strongSwan] Updating IPSec configuration from application

2009-08-05 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, How can I add new connections dynamically with Strongswan? The IKEv2 daemon provides a very flexible plugin system. The clean approach would be to implement a plugin receiving the required information from your application. The nm plugin implements very similar functionality: It receives

Re: [strongSwan] left/rightprotoport SCTP

2009-08-07 Thread Martin Willi
fixes the problem (at least for v4) It seems that the kernel does not support SCTP over IPv6 with IPsec at all, SCTP packets just bypass the IPsec policy :-/. So just forget the IPv6 part of the patch. Regards Martin ___ Users mailing list

Re: [strongSwan] left/rightprotoport SCTP

2009-08-10 Thread Martin Willi
, the proposed solution might be wrong, or at least incomplete. I'll post the patch on the SCTP list, maybe we get some feedback. Regards Martin From 3eb3e3e140f0a16a8cdf90a87edf98e348e92219 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Martin Willi Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 17:33:35 +0200 Subject

Re: [strongSwan] Support for byte-based rekeying of CHILD_SAs

2009-08-24 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Stephen, It doesn't appear that strongSwan supports configuration of byte limits to control rekeying of CHILD_SAs. Is this correct? Yes, volume based rekeying is currently not implemented. However, I've got a patch to merge providing this functionality. I'll incorporate these changes

Re: [strongSwan] NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN notify error

2009-08-25 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Roger, initiating IKE_SA host-host[1] to generating IKE_SA_INIT request 0 [ SA KE No N(NATD_S_IP) N(NATD_D_IP) ] sending packet: from[500] to[500] received packet: from[500] to[500] parsed IKE_SA_INIT response 0 [

Re: [strongSwan] no matching peer config found

2009-08-27 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I can not find the daemon.log on moon side. charon by default logs to the DAEMON syslog facility. But it depends on your syslogger configuration to which file syslogger logs to. The moon side is Fedora Core 9 Linux. Our (rather old) Fedora box uses /var/log/daemon. Regards Martin

Re: [strongSwan] about strongSwan support EAP-AKA

2009-08-28 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Roger, they are all using a secret in ipsec.secrets instead of running UMTS algorithm. Our EAP-AKA plugin implements the UMTS algorithm from 3GPP2 (S.S0055) in software. What you configure in ipsec.secrets is actually the secret key usually contained in a USIM. I want to know if there is

Re: [strongSwan] Handling of outgoing packets when CHILD_SA is rekeyed

2009-09-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, When a CHILD_SA is rekeyed, there is a time when SAD will have two SA entries corresponding to the CHILD_SA that is rekeyed. Yes, you'll have two overlapping CHILD_SAs during rekeying. how do we know which SA Entry is to be used out of the 2 Entries. The kernel usually uses the newer SA

Re: [strongSwan] IPv4 only and minimal kernel modules

2009-09-03 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, 1) upgrade to kernel 2.6.29 and apply patch [1] from above, to the linux kernel. No, 2.6.29 already contains the patch. 2) stick with kernel 2.6.28 and apply the disable-iaf-tunnels patch to charon, (this patch will brake v6/v4 mixed operation) Yes, then no kernel patch is required.

Re: [strongSwan] Some problems with charon

2009-09-03 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, received NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN notify, no CHILD_SA built Your peer does not like the proposal you offer. Have you included the belt cipher in your peers proposal, too? Regards Martin ___ Users mailing list

Re: [strongSwan] 答复: about strongSwan supp ort EAP-AKA

2009-09-08 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, If I want to add an abstraction layer between the EAP-AKA protocol and corresponding parameter calculation, how can I do? And what should be noticed? It's probably a good idea to use a similar abstraction as the EAP-SIM plugin. One could extend the existing SIM manager [1], or use the

Re: [strongSwan] Support for AKA-Identity and AKA-Reauthentication in the EAP-AKA plugin

2009-09-14 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, these two messages are NOT supported by strongSwan Yes, our AKA implementation is not complete. It does not support Identity exchange, pseudonyms or Re-Authentication. AKA-Identity There was no need for AKA-Identity so far, as most setups use a separate EAP-Identity exchange or directly

Re: [strongSwan] question about the EAP-SIM authentication

2009-09-16 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I found RAND was read from triplet.dat rather than received from Server. On the client, RAND is received from the server. But the client uses the RAND value to look up SRES and KC. The triplet.dat file contains RAND/SRES/KC triplets, on the client the RAND value is the key to look up SRES

Re: [strongSwan] Support for AKA-Identity and AKA-Reauthentication in the EAP-AKA plugin

2009-09-18 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Graham, to lighten the load on the AAA infrastructure behind the Security Gateway. Yes, I agree. Even if we do not support Re-auth, supporting a minimal Identity exchange as we do in EAP-SIM would really help. I can let you have the AKA-Identity support as a patch if you want. A tested

Re: [strongSwan] Working with Different SAs with same src-dst IP but different Port

2009-09-18 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, We are in a very critical state of our project. Please fin gtime to respond to the issue below. Yes, the software we provide is free, but SLAs are not. We are giving our best to provide support free of charge, and we have indeed spent several hours to help you on your issues. But paying

Re: [strongSwan] 答复: How to peel off strong swan code for running in an space-stressed ARM

2009-09-18 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, 1) If the used virtual memory exceed, the following error will be occurred, is it right? Resource temporarily unavailable-93: received netlink error I have never seen such a Resource temporarily unavailable error from netlink, and 93 is actually EPROTONOSUPPORT. You are probably missing

Re: [strongSwan] question about the handling of identity payload during the procedure of EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA

2009-09-21 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, In the current implementation of EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA authentication, the payload of IDENTITY REQ was not handled or handled with only attribute ID. For EAP-SIM, we just reply identity requests with the configured identity. The same semantics have been implemented for EAP-AKA just last

Re: [strongSwan] different traffic selectors

2009-09-21 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Peter, ipsec tunnels build from inside should have [...] ipsec tunnels build from outside (Internet) should have [...] Is there a way to extend/modify the config to get this behaviour? You can define two different configurations, one for internal, one for external connections. The tricky

Re: [strongSwan] different traffic selectors

2009-09-21 Thread Martin Willi
Hi again, The way to go is probably gateway address matching Forgot to mention, our UML scenarion [1] uses such a configuration to select different source address, but defining different leftsubnets works the same way. Regards Martin

Re: [strongSwan] trouble packaging strongswan for fedora / rhel thx to autoconf

2009-09-23 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Shouldn't strongswan use mysql_config during configure to begin with? Yes, sounds reasonable. I have updated [1] the build system to use mysql_config. Regards Martin [1] ___ Users

Re: [strongSwan] 答复: 答复: question abou t the handling of identity payload during the procedure of EAP- SIM and EAP-AKA

2009-09-24 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, 1) Whether the latest version added the identity payload handling code for EAP-AKA is released? This feature will be included in 4.3.5, planned for November. 2) In latest version of strongswan, Identity is default-set? or is configured in ipsec.conf or other configuration file? The IKE

Re: [strongSwan] Some Question About NAT-T and DPD

2009-09-24 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I'm not sure whether our MOBIKE implementation supports this but Martin will know. Yes, we support the detection of changes in the NAT situation, either using the MOBIKE enabled DPD, or with a recent kernel (2.6.29?) by detecting changes in the UDP encapsulation of ESP packets. Regards

Re: [strongSwan] StrongSwan stops trying to restart a dpd'd connection

2009-09-24 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Barry, Most of the time my connections restart fine, but sometimes charon decides it doesn't want to send out IKE_SA_INIT requests any more after a dpd timeout. 11[IKE] giving up after 5 retransmits This is indeed a bug. keyingtries=%forever should never give up. This hardcoded limit of

Re: [strongSwan] EAP-AKA authentication -- Received MAC does not match XMAC

2009-09-29 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I will encounter this problem only on board. What processor is your board using? While I have fixed the daemon core code, the EAP-AKA/SIM plugins still use some unaligned (half-)word reads to parse payloads. It is on my TODO list to fix this, some processors can't handle unaligned reads.

Re: [strongSwan] Question About the Mutual Authentication and unilateral Authentication

2009-10-22 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, And my question is: if I need to initiate unilateral Authentication, How can I support that? only change the configure We currently do not support this configuration-wise, as it clearly violates what the IKEv2 standard says. There is a draft discussing an extension to skip public

Re: [strongSwan] 答复: How can I shutdown the NAT-T feture of IKEv2

2009-10-26 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, If I did not select the --enable-NAT-Transport when I compile the strongswan, If NAT-T feature can be shutdown by this above method? This option is for IKEv1 and affects transport mode connections only. If strongswan default enable this NAT-T feature, and then the following message

Re: [strongSwan] charon: how to determine minimum number of threads

2009-11-09 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Scanning through the mailing list I can see that the recomended minimum number of threads is 8-10 depending on the plugins used. Is there a way to determine the absolute minimum number of threads for a given plugin configuration? This additionally depends on how you'll use the

Re: [strongSwan] strongswan-4.3.5 eap-aka eap-aka-3gpp2

2009-11-10 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, What is the difference between the two plugins eap-aka and eap-aka-3gpp2? The eap-aka plugin provides the protocol layer of the EAP-AKA functionality, but no quintuplet calculation. It uses other plugins implementing the sim_card_t/sim_provider_t interface to actually calculate the

Re: [strongSwan] Getting no matching config found when using network-manager-strongswan

2009-11-11 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Gateway address: Gateway certificate: cacert.pem There is no option to configure the gateway identity on the client, as it should be as simple as possible to set up a connection. But for authentication with CA certificate, the client MUST enforce a specified gateway identity;

Re: [strongSwan] Operator Variant Algorithm Configuration Field OP and OPC

2009-11-11 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, OP is a 128 bit operator variant algorithm configuration field and opc is a 128 bit key derived from OP and K known only to the HSS and the ISIM/USIM application on the UICC Are you are talking about a EAP-AKA algorithm to calculate quintuplets? what is the purpose of these two fields?

Re: [strongSwan] Access to local subnet when tunnel up

2009-11-15 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Introduce another route table (e.g. 219), which has priority over the table 220, and has the route for the local network. To setup that you need to look at the ip rule commands. I agree, this is probably the best solution. This routing policy database is very powerful, just man ip for

Re: [strongSwan] Restricting access to list of subnets

2009-11-17 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Graham, [ Strongswan is also using the list of allowed subnets to set up ip xfrm policies. I'm not sure if I want these or understand them, but I'll leave them be until I learn more about xfrm. ] Based on the older IPsec standards (RFC2401), the Linux kernel does not support (multiple)

Re: [strongSwan] Problem with reading stroke messages

2009-11-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Vivek, 1. Can you tell me the requirement of this while loop as from what I understand the stroke plugin of charon is not sending anything back to the src/stroke/stroke.c so why it is waiting on the read call? Yes it does. Charon sends status and log information down to this Unix socket,

Re: [strongSwan] installing DNS server %any to /etc/resolv.conf

2009-12-01 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I am assuming it is a mis-configuration or bug. Maybe both. It seems that your client requests a DNS server, but your server returns an empty or a address. The IPsec gateway is a: Linux strongSwan U4.2.11/K2.6.28-11-generic Some time passed since 4.2.11, probably we handle it

Re: [strongSwan] installing DNS server %any to /etc/resolv.conf

2009-12-01 Thread Martin Willi
It should either print out or nothing at all. I am not sure which is more appropriate. is almost as invalid as %any, installing it does not make sense. I pushed a patch that does not install such servers. Regards Martin ___ Users

Re: [strongSwan] StrongSwan scalability

2009-12-08 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Does anyone have reference numbers about StrongSwan scalability? How many clients can be supported (in which configuration)? We have no hard limit, so this highly depends on CPU and available memory. For the IKEv2 daemon, we tested with 20'000 road warrior connections, each

Re: [strongSwan] NetworkManager-glib dep problem in autoconf (patch included)

2009-12-08 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Johannes, Thanks for your patch. +PKG_CHECK_EXISTS([libnm-glib], + [ PKG_CHECK_MODULES(nm, [NetworkManager libnm-glib-vpn gthread-2.0]) ], + [ PKG_CHECK_MODULES(nm, [NetworkManager libnm-glib-vpn gthread-2.0]) ]) I assume this should be _ in the second case. I've

Re: [strongSwan] Error when client connects

2009-12-23 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, #0 0xb758cf00 in raise () from /lib/ #1 0xb758e43c in abort () from /lib/ #2 0xb75c57b5 in ?? () from /lib/ #3 0xbfa11e58 in ?? () #4 0xb76d2f7c in ?? () from /lib/ #5 0x003b in ?? () #6 0xb7677381 in ?? () from /lib/ #7

Re: [strongSwan] having difficulties with ipsec pki --gen

2010-01-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Frank, It probably does not hang, but just blocks to read in random data from /dev/random. Private key generation needs good random data, and most plugins rely on /dev/random. Try to fill your pool with more entropy by moving your mouse or surf the web while generating a key. It may take a

Re: [strongSwan] DNS resolution - revisisted

2010-01-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Daniel, Could you please comment on this. How can I pass FQDNs to charon? This is indeed currently not possible via starter. It works fine with other plugins (such as the network-manager plugin). But it would require some tweaks to explicitly not resolve hosts for connections passed to

Re: [strongSwan] Try to use Cisco VPN client

2010-01-06 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, plutostart=no keyexchange=ikev2 I'm not aware of any Cisco VPN client that speaks IKEv2. You'll have to setup pluto and define a IKEv1 connection. Regards Martin ___ Users mailing list

Re: [strongSwan] Performance (revisited)

2010-01-11 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, What is needed (cpu) to get 10Mbps Not tested, but maybe a Pentium class processor? 100Mbps, Pentium 3/4? 1Gbps, A recent multi-core processor should be capable of doing 1Gbps, but requires parallel crypto patches, see [1]. 10Gbps Not without hardware acceleration. Maybe the

Re: [strongSwan] Ipsec status and the packet capture.

2010-01-13 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, After ESP communication there is TCP packet / http packet flowed between them. Wireshark/tcpdump shows incoming packets twice, once encrypted and once decrypted. This is the normal behavior on Linux kernels. 2) Do i have any specific conditions to check in TCP / http packets to get

Re: [strongSwan] Connection Up/Down Information

2010-01-13 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Michael, Is an example code available that I can use as base? You might have a look at its counterpart, the Manager [1] sources [2], a FastCGI application. We haven't done anything with SMP for a while, so I'm not sure if everything still works... Regards Martin

Re: [strongSwan] Narrowing TS for a specific host

2010-01-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, conn to-WORLD-unless-HOST1and2 There is no way to exclude specific hosts from a TS. But if you have multiple tunnels, more specific ones match with a higher priority. rightsubnet= includes all traffic. If a another tunnel is up to a specific IP, that policy should have a

Re: [strongSwan] Narrowing TS for a specific host

2010-01-19 Thread Martin Willi
By which way the priority of a policy can be specified into 'ipsec.conf' file? There is currently no way of specifying priorities manually in ipsec.conf. But smaller subnets are always installed with a higher priority. [...] should be replaced by rightsubnet= Yes,

Re: [strongSwan] Narrowing TS for a specific host

2010-01-19 Thread Martin Willi
strongSwan specific feature or it is specified by a RFC? It is strongSwan specific, other implementations might do this differently. You'll have to check this with your other implementation, maybe there are ways to do this manually. Regards Martin

Re: [strongSwan] Is it possible to push route tabels to client?

2010-01-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Just want to push some custom route tabels to the VPN clients, is it possible to do this? You can't push arbitrary routes to the client. Instead, you can use leftsubnet/rightsubnet options to define which traffic to include in the tunnel. In IKEv2, the server can narrow down the

Re: [strongSwan] Narrowing TS for a specific host

2010-01-22 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Similarly I wish to apply to SCTP packets a cipher suite that supersedes the cipher suite to be applied to all other packets from the same IP@ (i.e. Can this be done by strongSwan with the example below? Yes. But SCTP traffic to will use the to-HOST connection in your

Re: [strongSwan] Multiple subnets for the left|rightsubnet option

2010-01-22 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Which is the upper limit for number of subnets supported for one connection? There is no hard limit, maybe you'll encounter some scaling issues. In our application we need to specify up to 16 subnets. Is this possible for a single CHILD_SA? Did a quick test, seems to be no problem

Re: [strongSwan] Multiple subnets for the left|rightsubnet option

2010-01-25 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Does IKEv2 protocol allow only one out and one in CHILD_SA in this case? A CHILD_SA is not specific for in/out, but always includes a bidirectional data flow (two ESP SAs, actually). So you'll have only a single CHILD_SA covering leftsubnet/32 and all 16 rightsubnets. How many CHILD_SA

Re: [strongSwan] Multiple subnets for the left|rightsubnet option

2010-01-28 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Stephen, Why would multiple policies specifying different traffic selectors results in only a single SA pair? In IKEv2, a single CHILD_SA results in two ESP kernel SAs (called states in Linux), one inbound, one outbound. The SA defines the transformation applied, encryption keys,

Re: [strongSwan] a negotiation timeout after IKE_SA_INIT may become unrecoverable

2010-02-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Christophe, If an IKEv2 negotiation fails due to a timeout (typically during the IKE_AUTH exchange) after a successful IKE_SA_INIT exchange [...] The SA will remain in a zombie state, even a later acquire message will not enable to leave this lock up situation. I agree, this is a case

Re: [strongSwan] Multiple subnets for the left|rightsubnet option

2010-02-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Can it be said that each strongSwan conn definition always results in at least one kernel SA pair? Yes. wondering if there is ever a case where strongSwan uses this technique of mapping multiple kernel policies to the same kernel SA pair when the kernel polices are the result of

Re: [strongSwan] Narrowing TS for a specific host

2010-02-03 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Which one of from-HOST or with-SCTP conns will install a policy with a higher priority? conn from-HOST leftsubnet= rightsubnet= conn with-SCTP leftsubnet= rightsubnet= rightprotoport=SCTP leftprotoport=SCTP

Re: [strongSwan] Any limit on repeated rekeying using CREATE_CHILD_SA?

2010-02-04 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Mugur, Implementers should take note of this fact and set a limit on CREATE_CHILD_SA exchanges between exponentiations... While we always use a Diffie-Hellman exchange for IKE_SA rekeying, CHILD_SA rekeying by default does not use a DH exchange. You can change this behavior by including a

Re: [strongSwan] Whack_log change from 2.3 release to 4.3.5

2010-02-16 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I am getting compilation error while compiling x509.c file. Whack_log(RC_COMMENT, subject: \%Y\,...) Please provide the complete compiler error. The compiler is not able to identify %Y The compiler does not have to, %Y is part of the format string. The printf hook will handle this

Re: [strongSwan] Several cannot open shared object file lines in charon.log

2010-02-18 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, Any idea what's happening , beside the file missing ? This means that you have configured plugins that are not available on your system. Either the compiled in default list contains not installed plugins, or you have configured plugins in strongswan.conf that are not available.

Re: [strongSwan] Which source IP@ for egress IKEv2 packets

2010-02-18 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, As we plan to implement source routing on our product, we would like to know if charon daemon is filling the source IP address of egress IKE packets with the local outer IP address (left parameter of the ipsec.conf file) and if the egress IKE IP packets go through linux routing stack.

Re: [strongSwan] Possibly a bug in charon when auto=start

2010-03-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, This means that we can access each other directly without IPsec while charon is setting up the tunnel. And when I set auto=route - charon works ok and filters unsecured packets back and forth. Yes, this is the intended behavior. auto=start does not install policies until the tunnel has

Re: [strongSwan] create_rng fails

2010-03-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Anil, While trying to run Pluto on my platform, create_rng function is failing. RNGs are provided through plugins, by default via the random plugin. The plugin reads random data from /dev/random and /dev/urandom. Double check that the plugin is loaded properly and these files are available

Re: [strongSwan] Please help - Using strongSwan to connect to CheckPoint VPN-1

2010-03-02 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, conn test authby=xauthrsasig forceencaps=yes keyexchange=ikev1 keyingtries=1 type=tunnel xauth=client right=CheckPoint VPN Firewall IP Address leftsourceip=%modeconfig ipsec up test 021 no connection named test You

Re: [strongSwan] create_rng fails

2010-03-03 Thread Martin Willi
However when I try to load random, I get errors stating undefined symbol: lib. Seems that the plugin can not find symbols in the libstrongswan library. On what platform/architecture are you seeing this error? Using any non-standard tools/libraries? Regards Martin

Re: [strongSwan] Issue regarding rekeying and updation of an IKE SA

2010-03-03 Thread Martin Willi
Hi Stephen, Reinitiating the IKE_SA from scratch is also not possible on asymmetric connections. Can you elaborate on this point? What is an asymmetric connection? And why is reinitiating an IKE_SA not possible in this case? Under asymmetric I meant an IKE_SA that can be initiated by

Re: [strongSwan] error on http interface of git repository

2010-03-04 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, git clone fatal: not found: Due to the migration of the strongSwan infrastructure to a new server, the git repository is currently accessible through the git protocol only. git clone

Re: [strongSwan] routing all traffic through tunnel without local one

2010-03-07 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, The problem: I want to route all my internet traffic through the server and the local traffic should stay on the local net. To tunnel all internet traffic, you'll need a rightsubnet. This however, includes your local network in the tunnel too. To explicitly bypass the local

Re: [strongSwan] high availability with two redundant ipsec peers

2010-03-10 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, the problem here is, as i know, i cannot configure two peers with the same leftsubnet... You can't install two identical policies. One could, in theory, install a single policy set with two sets of SAs. In the failover case, the policies are migrated to the other set of SAs. However, this

Re: [strongSwan] bare minimum required kernel modules/version

2010-03-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, I for one don't have IP: policy routing enabled (didn't know it was required) and strongswan still works just fine. It's not required, but highly recommended. IKEv2 uses a separate routing table for own routes installed along with tunnels. This allows it to ignore these routes for IKE

Re: [strongSwan] strongswan with enable-openssl compile issue

2010-03-19 Thread Martin Willi
Hi, ec.h does not exist, could you please let me know how to make strongswan build without openssl ec dependency? Our plugin currently requires EC support to build unmodified. You could disable the EC components with some #ifdef OPENSSL_NO_EC{DSA,DH} and remove the appropriate functions in

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