Downloading Templates

2017-09-29 Thread Alan Kellogg
Do you want people to download your templates?

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Downloading Templates

2017-07-18 Thread dep143
Hello. I have downloaded and began to use Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3 and I notice 
that it has an icon/folder for templates. When I go there it is empty. On your 
website, there are a ton of templates and sample letters etc. that I would be 
able to make great use of. Problem is, I cannot find any way to bulk download 
the categorized templates that I see. Even trying to do it as individual items 
is painful because until you download the item, you cannot even see it to 
determine if it is what you want. When downloading int hat way, I must save the 
item to my computer but it is not pulled into the template folder within the 
OpenOffice Application. What is the fix for this? How can this be done? 

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