[ovirt-users] CEPH rbd support in EL7 libvirt

2015-10-11 Thread Nux!
Hi folks, I was directed here by Sandro with the question in the $subject. As I could not find anything conclusive in either bugzilla or the 7.2 release notes, can someone clarify this for me? At this point it's apparently as easy as rebuilding the libvirt src.rpm with "with_storage_rbd 1".[1]

[ovirt-users] engine.log is looping with Volume XXX contains a apparently corrupt brick(s).

2015-10-11 Thread Nico
Hi Recently, i built a small oVirt platform with 2 dedicated servers and GlusterFS to synch the VM storage. oVirt Setup is simple: ovirt01 : Host Agent (VDSM) + oVirt Engine ovirt02 : Host Agent (VDSM) Version : ovirt-release35-005-1.noarch ovirt-engine-

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt Engine redundant ?

2015-10-11 Thread Julian De Marchi
On 12/10/2015 1:56 AM, Nico wrote: Hello I got a question regarding the redundancy of oVirt Engine; where we can control everything through the GUI; aka the vCenter. Initially; my setup was on a single server; installed following the doc AllinOne. Then after; i figured out that i would need