[ovirt-users] Nginx reverse proxy

2017-06-03 Thread Petrica Pitineag
I have a physical server that hosts an all-in-one ovirt system. At the time there are only a handful of VMs but I plan to expand (both the number of VMs and the number of physical servers). As I use this for developing / testing various ideas (web apps) I sometimes need to have access directly to

[ovirt-users] oVirt gluster sanlock issue

2017-06-03 Thread Abi Askushi
Hi All, I have installed successfully several times oVirt (version 4.1) with 3 nodes on top glusterfs. This time, when trying to configure the same setup, I am facing the following issue which doesn't seem to go away. During installation i get the error: Failed to execute stage 'Misc

Re: [ovirt-users] trying to test engine metrics, using ovirt-engine-metrics package

2017-06-03 Thread Yedidyah Bar David
On Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 12:05 AM, Sergey Kulikov wrote: > > Hi! I'm trying to deploy metrics in my ovirt test enviroment, configured > fluentd on dst host, configured > /etc/ovirt-engine-metrics/config.yml , after that trying to execute: >

Re: [ovirt-users] Building oVirt engine on Debian

2017-06-03 Thread Yedidyah Bar David
On Fri, Jun 2, 2017 at 7:07 AM, Leni Kadali Mutungi wrote: > On 6/1/17, Leni Kadali Mutungi wrote: >> On 6/1/17, Yedidyah Bar David wrote: >>> The message: >>> >>> No handlers could be found for logger >>>