Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt split brain resolution

2017-06-24 Thread Abi Askushi
Hi all, For the records, I had to remove manually the conflicting directory and ts respective gfid from the arbiter volume: getfattr -m . -d -e hex e1c80750-b880-495e-9609-b8bc7760d101/ha_agent That gave me the gfid: 0x277c9caa9dce4a17a2a93775357befd5 Then cd .glusterfs/27/7c rm -rf

[ovirt-users] Very big device. Trying to use READ CAPACITY

2017-06-24 Thread Iman Darabi
hi. i'm using ovirt version 4.0 . I've created two LUNs. firs lun is 2047GB and working properly as data domain. but when i try to add second lun as second data domain, i get this error on server: Jun 21 13:22:41 compute52 kernel: sd 12:0:0:16384: [sdf] Very big device. Trying to use READ

[ovirt-users] oVirt Live USB3 question

2017-06-24 Thread Michael McConachie
Hi all, Potentially stupid question here. Sorry in advance if so. I have always built out full blown multi rack instances of oVirt, and RHEV for clients, but the following question has me wondering before I go digging and trying it out... I realize that the oVirtLive ISO is for demo