[ovirt-users] oVirt node and bonding options cutomizations

2017-09-08 Thread Gianluca Cecchi
Hello, when using CentOS as OS for hypervisor and mode=4 for bonding (802.3ad) in the past I had to use lacp_rate=1 (aka fast), because I noticed problems with the default lacp_rate=0 parameter. Now I'm testing an oVirt node and I see that into the graphical interface there are the options to set

Re: [ovirt-users] Cannot install ovirt guest agent- repo does not exists

2017-09-08 Thread Yohan JAROSZ
Hi, It was due to https://status.opensuse.org/ outage. Now it should be back to normal. Best, Yo. > On 7 Sep 2017, at 12:25, Christophe TREFOIS wrote: > > Hi, > > Our puppet workflows are failing. > > Could anybody please tell us what-s going on? > > Thanks, > --

[ovirt-users] Adding host for the first time - Power Management?

2017-09-08 Thread Mark Steele
Hello, We have an existing 4 Host Ovirt 3.5 installation. I am adding two more HP Gen9 Blades to the configuration. I looked at how the power management is setup up in Ovirt for the first four blades and it appears to be configured for ilo4 using a user account that I cannot find documentation

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt selft-hosted with NFS on top gluster

2017-09-08 Thread Abi Askushi
Hi all, Seems that I am seeing light in he tunnel! I have done the below: Added the option /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol : option rpc-auth-allow-insecure on restarted glusterd Then set the volume option: gluster volume set vms server.allow-insecure on Then disabled the option: gluster volume

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt selft-hosted with NFS on top gluster

2017-09-08 Thread Abi Askushi
I don't see any other bottleneck. CPUs are quite idle. Seems that the load is mostly due to high latency on IO. Reading further the gluster docs: https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs-specs/blob/master/done/GlusterFS%203.5/libgfapi%20with%20qemu%20libvirt.md I see that I am missing the following

Re: [ovirt-users] ovirt 4.1 hosted engine hyper converged on glusterfs 3.8.10 : "engine" storage domain alway complain about "unsynced" elements

2017-09-08 Thread yayo (j)
2017-07-19 11:22 GMT+02:00 yayo (j) : > running the "gluster volume heal engine" don't solve the problem... > > Some extra info: > > We have recently changed the gluster from: 2 (full repliacated) + 1 > arbiter to 3 full replicated cluster but i don't know this is the problem...

[ovirt-users] oVirt automation through Ansible and cloud-init in oVirt 4.1.5 + Ansible 2.3.1

2017-09-08 Thread Julián Tete
oVirt Version: 4.1.5 Ansible: 2.3.1 Hello Friends of oVirt I want to automate the creation, provisioning and deployment of virtual machines in oVirt, using Ansible. I want to use a non-cloud image for the template. It has cloud-init installed. And it looks for the IP http: //169.254.169 and

Re: [ovirt-users] Update notes

2017-09-08 Thread Sandro Bonazzola
2017-09-07 19:25 GMT+02:00 Karli Sjöberg : > Hey all! > > Just wanted to contrast all people's problems by chipping in that I've > just updated my home oVirt Hosted Engine environment of two Hosts from > 4.1.1 to 4.1.5 (engine and Hosts) without a hitch! > Thanks for the