[ovirt-users] Russian translation

2017-10-17 Thread Sandro Bonazzola
Hi, looking at https://translate.zanata.org/iteration/view/ovirt/ovirt-4.2?dswid=-6249 I see Russian translation is the only one under 80% for 4.2. If you have some time and know Russian, it's a good time for contributing translations. Have a good week, -- SANDRO BONAZZOLA ASSOCIATE MANAGER,

[ovirt-users] Hosted Engine storage on management IP

2017-10-17 Thread TranceWorldLogic .
Hi, I was trying to setup separate gluster network in ovirt. But I saw hosted-storage volume which I had created for hosted-engine still running on managment network. Can I move that hosted-storage gluster volume on gluster network ? Thanks, ~Rohit

[ovirt-users] Ovirt + Cobbler + Koan ?

2017-10-17 Thread ~Stack~
Greetings, I've spent the last week trying to get Foreman to work (see SSL question 2017-10-11) but no one answers in their IRC or mailing list. So I tried cobbler instead and I had it working in just a couple of hours! I'm further along today than a week of foreman's constant problems. Hooray!

[ovirt-users] Unresponsive instance

2017-10-17 Thread JC Clark
Dear Team, After a power failure and restart, one of my instances would not display properly from the Ovirt User Portal. This error would scroll down the screen repeatly to infinitum. XFS (dm-0): Metadata CRC error detected at xfs_inobt_read_verify+0x79/0xb0 [xfs], xfs_inobt block 0x1df188

Re: [ovirt-users] Host fencing issues

2017-10-17 Thread Fernando Fuentes
Ok I have not collected data yet... I figure I upgraded my engine to the latest revision of the 4.0 branch and I did... It actually fix nothing... No matter what I do the hosts continue to experience the same issue Is this a known problem in the 4.0 branch with CentOS7? I will collect data as