[ovirt-users] ovirt 4.2 and hugepages

2018-06-16 Thread Gianluca Cecchi
A part from configuring high performance vm, that gives me no high availability. Can I allocate huge pages using vdsm-hook-hugepages-4.19.31-1.el7.centos.noarch it seems that after updating an environment to 4.2 I'm not able to start a VM configured with the custom property I get Th ehost x

[ovirt-users] ovirt upgrade 4.1 -> 4.2: host bricks down

2018-06-16 Thread Alex K
Hi all, I have a ovirt 2 node cluster for testing with self hosted engine on top gluster. The cluster was running on 4.1. After the upgrade to 4.2, which generally went smoothly, I am seeing that the bricks of one of the hosts (v1) are detected as down, while the gluster is ok when checked with

[ovirt-users] Gluster not synicng changes between nodes for engine

2018-06-16 Thread Hanson Turner
Hi Guys, I've got 60 some odd files for each of the nodes in the cluster, they don't seem to be syncing. Running a volume heal engine full, reports successful. Running volume heal engine info reports the same files, and doesn't seem to be syncing. Running a volume heal engine info

[ovirt-users] Re: RHEL 7.5 as an oVirt host - missing packages

2018-06-16 Thread jasonmicron
Sorry, I hate to be "that guy", but does no one here seem to care that both the repositories and documentation are wrong for installing oVirt on RHEL 7.5? Either the documentation is wrong, or the RHEL repos require updating. One or the other is true, and I don't know enough about the oVirt