[ovirt-users] Frustration and Contradictory Guidance?

2015-12-18 Thread Eriks Goodwin
Hi all, I have been working on building a new oVirt 3.6 deployment for more than two weeks now and a multitude of things are frustrating my attempts... Would someone please point me to the "right" HOWTO article for deploying a production-grade oVirt 3.6.x system with HA hosted engine? I

[ovirt-users] HE on Gluster?

2015-12-21 Thread Eriks Goodwin
I see conflicting advice regarding hosted engine storage... what is the current state of the art on this? 1) Should an HE use gluster-ed storage--or not? 2) During HE setup, the memory question used to list the minimum as default--now it shows maximum possible as default. What is the

[ovirt-users] iLO2

2015-12-22 Thread Eriks Goodwin
I have been tinkering with various settings and configurations trying to get power management working properly--but it keeps giving me "Fail:" (without any details) every time I test the settings. The servers I am using are HP Proliant DL380 G6 with integrated iLO2. Any tips? I can use the