Re: [ovirt-users] [OT] how to analyze/avoid dropped rx packets

2017-11-15 Thread Edward Haas
Hello Gianluca, Not sure if I can help with this one, but could you just clarify from where these DHCPv6 packets arrive? You mentioned IPv6 is disabled on the VM, therefore I assume these are ingress packets, right? If this is the case, then perhaps the stack just drops the ingress packets (as it

[ovirt-users] [OT] how to analyze/avoid dropped rx packets

2017-11-10 Thread Gianluca Cecchi
Hello, on some Oracle Linux 7 VMs I see that dropped RX packets continue to increase. The eth0 interface is virtio for all of them. When running tcpdump on eth0 the counter stop increasing and so it means tcpdump does capture them I found some references about these kind of rx dropped frames with