[ovirt-users] oVirt engine installation with Oracle Virtualbox

2015-03-16 Thread Nasim Banu
Hello, I am a new user of oVirt. I am trying to install oVirt all in one version 3.5.1 in my windows vista/7 system with Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.10. When I create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox,what should I choose for OS and memory setting for proper booting iso file. When I tried to boot,

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt engine installation with Oracle Virtualbox

2015-03-10 Thread Tomas Jelinek
Anyone have ever succeeded to run all-in-one inside a VM running on windows? Any hints what tools to use? - Original Message - From: Nasim Banu mobapp...@gmail.com To: users@ovirt.org Cc: Tomas Jelinek tjeli...@redhat.com Sent: Monday, March 9, 2015 8:03:27 PM Subject: oVirt engine