Re: [ovirt-users] ovirt-ng upgrade

2017-07-09 Thread Yuval Turgeman
Hi, Node-ng is tested and shipped as a complete operating system image, so enabling packages other than the ones listed in the repos is not a good idea and will probably break your system. Thanks, Yuval. On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 1:13 PM, Nathanaƫl Blanchet wrote: > Hello, > >

[ovirt-users] ovirt-ng upgrade

2017-07-07 Thread Nathanaƫl Blanchet
Hello, I've been used to install vdsm on regular centos to provision my hosts. I recently installed ovirt-ng on new hosts, but centos "base" and "updates" repo are disabled by default. So I updated them by enabling theses repos tio update centos. Several questions : * Is this a good