Re: [SOGo] Disable Lightning Cached mode

2011-12-16 Thread Alessio Fattorini
Il 15/12/2011 15:36, Francis Lachapelle ha scritto: The value is in days. Francis Thank you very much, i try! -- Alessio Fattorini ( nethesis srl - Via degli Olmi 16/4 - 61100 Pesaro (PU) tel. +39 0721 405516 - fax +39 0721 268147 -

[SOGo] Neil Scott is out of the office.

2011-12-16 Thread Neil Scott
I will be out of the office starting 16/12/2011 and will not return until 09/01/2012. Please contact our office on 47224333 and ask for either Treovr Henderson or Jason Thompson. --

[SOGo] Autocomplete shows all addresses on database

2011-12-16 Thread Juanjo Garcia
Hi, I'm using SOGo 1.3.11 with a mysql database as user source and I can see all addresses on the database on autocomplete field, I mean on ACLs settings for sharing addressbook abd calendars, but not on destination fields when writting emails. Is there any way to disable this behavior? I

[SOGo] SOGo/Funambol/Calendar

2011-12-16 Thread Wacław Michno
Please help. After updating SOGo 1.3.8 to 1.3.11 I have a problem with sync Calendar on the phone and tablet and other devices. Previously, everything worked perfectly for several months. How do I downgrade to 1.3.8? I really depends on stability. Software versions: Sogo version 1.3.11 Postgres

Re: [SOGo] SOGo/Funambol/Calendar

2011-12-16 Thread Mirko Stoffers
How do I downgrade to 1.3.8? sudo apt-get install sogo=1.3.8 ? --

Re: [SOGo] LDAP search broken

2011-12-16 Thread Emmanuel Dreyfus
Hello No reply on this one? This is an annoying problem... On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 11:25:53AM +, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote: Hello It seems I cannot get LDAP authentication working, while it works for the address book. When credentials should be validated by LDAP, it always fail, and I

[SOGo] Probably another lame question but here goes....

2011-12-16 Thread Paul Mecham
I can send mail with sogo and I receive the mail but only in the file system directory. It does not show up in the sogo in mail box. Can someone give me a hint about what ldap property or what .GNUstepDefaults entry controls how the imap mailbox folders are seen by SOGO? I can see the files

Re: Re: [SOGo] Address Book New/Subscribe/Delete Buttons Missing on Upgrade to 3.108

2011-12-16 Thread support
I cleared my error console, restarted Thunderbird, and entered the Address Book. The error console remained empty. Note that this occurs both with a new clean profile, and with existing well-used profiles. The buttons show up in the Calendar, but not in the Address Book. I can confirm the

[SOGo] web formatting

2011-12-16 Thread Donny Brooks
I just updated to the latest 1.3.11 and noticed that the composition window in the web interface has changed a good bit. On some users the message box is too big and covers up the subject and addressing boxes. Is there a way to fix this without users haveing to manually resize the window? -- Donny

[SOGo] IMAP authentication

2011-12-16 Thread František Kučera
Hi, I am using Dovecot+Postfix+SOGo and I have users stored in SQL database. My SOGo is configured to authenticate users against this SQL database. But the same job is also done by Dovecot when authenticating user in IMAP session. Which means that two SQL queries are done (one by SOGo and one by

[SOGo] BTS activities for Friday, December 16 2011

2011-12-16 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Friday, December 16 2011 BTS Activities Home page: Project: SOGo For the period covering: Friday, December 16 2011 idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary